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Mary Holt answers your FAQs about specialist travel insurance

When it comes to needing specialist travel insurance to cover your specific medical condition(s), we are only too aware of how many questions this can trigger. Whether it’s understanding what the insurance covers or knowing how the medical screening process works, we believe it’s important to help answer all your questions so you have all … Read more

What is Dystonia?

Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder and is the term used to describe uncontrollable and sometimes painful muscle spasms caused by incorrect signals from the brain. It is estimated to affect at least 70,000 people in the UK. How does Dystonia affect the nervous system? Dystonia disrupts the nervous systems ability to allow the brain … Read more

Prostate Cancer

Did you know, breast cancer receives twice as much research funding as prostate cancer, despite both diseases affecting similar numbers of people? Leukaemia receives the most research funding from combined charity and government funding, followed by ovarian cancer and cancers of the brain. There are treatment options available for prostate cancer, here are a few … Read more