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Am I covered for sport and leisure activities?

Free Spirit automatically covers a wide range of activities. You must ensure that your usual treating G.P. is happy for you to participate in any sport or leisure activity. You must also follow the safety guidelines for the activity concerned and where applicable use the appropriate and recommended safety equipment. Please read the Insurance Policy for details of the ‘Acceptable Activities’ covered as standard.

Do you cover Winter Sports activities?

Free Spirit includes cover for a range of Winter Sports activities on payment of an additional premium. You must ensure that your usual treating G.P. is happy for you to participate in any winter sports activity. You must also follow the safety guidelines for the activity concerned and where applicable use the appropriate and recommended safety equipment. Please read the Insurance Policy for details of the activities covered.



Over 100 activities included FREE

One of the most rewarding elements of going on holiday can be the activities you take part in. Perhaps you go away specifically to take part in a sporting pursuit. On the other hand your time away may give rise to the opportunity to try something different.

Either way, Free Spirit allows you to be active with confidence while you travel. Listed below are 4 activity packs available on your policy – including over 100 as standard.

If you intend to participate in any activity not listed below, please contact us.

Of course, the most important thing is to stay safe! To participate in any sport or leisure activity, you must ensure that you follow the safety guidelines for the activity concerned and where applicable you use the appropriate and recommended safety equipment. This would include the use of safety helmets, life jackets, safety goggles and protective clothing where appropriate. Failure on any of these points will invalidate a claim.

All activities are covered on a non-professional and non-competitive basis. In other words, where there is no element of payment, sponsorship, fee or prize money involved above a total of £200.

Activity Pack 1 – included as standard

  • Aerobics
  • Amateur Athletic Field Events
  • Amateur Athletic Track Events
  • Angling/Fishing (freshwater)
  • Animal Sanctuary (non big game)
  • Archery*
  • Badminton
  • Bamboo Rafting
  • Banana Boating
  • Bar Work
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Beach Games
  • Body Boarding
  • Boogie Boarding
  • Boules
  • Bowling
  • Bowls
  • Bridge Swinging*
  • Bungee Jumping*
  • Camel/Elephant Riding or Trekking (UK Booked)
  • Canoeing/Kayaking (White Water Grades 1-3)*
  • Catamaran Sailing (inshore)
  • Clay pigeon shooting*
  • Cricket
  • Croquet
  • Cross Country Running
  • Curling
  • Cycle Touring/Leisure Biking (up to 1,000m)
  • Dancing
  • Darts
  • Disc Golf
  • Diving (indoor up to 5m)
  • Dragon Boat Racing
  • Fell Running (up to 1,000m)
  • Fencing
  • Fives
  • Flag Football
  • Flying as a passenger (private/small aircraft/helicopter)*
  • Football/Soccer (practice and training)
  • Frisbee (recreational)
  • Glass Bottom Boats (inshore)
  • Golf
  • Gorilla Trekking (booked pre-trip –in a group – up to 1,000m)
  • Handball (practice and training)
  • Highland Games
  • Hockey (field – organised amateur match)
  • Horse riding (no jumping)
  • Hot Air Ballooning*
  • Indoor Skating (not ice)
  • Jet Boating*
  • Jet Skiing*
  • Kiting
  • Korfball
  • Laser Tag
  • Low Ropes
  • Marathons
  • Mini-Golf
  • Model Flying
  • Model Sports
  • Motorcycling up to 125cc on public roads for up to 14 days per trip (no racing – must possess a licence allowing you to ride an equivalent motorcycle in the UK or Channel Islands)*
  • Mountain Biking (up to 1,000m)
  • Mountaineering (in a group – all up to 1,000m)
  • Netball
  • Orienteering
  • Paddle Boarding (inshore)
  • Paintballing
  • Pentanque
  • Peteca
  • Pigeon Racing
  • Pony Trekking
  • Pool
  • Quoits
  • Rackets
  • Racquetball
  • Rafting (white water grades 1-3)*
  • Rifle Range*
  • Ringos
  • River Punting
  • Roller Blading/Skating (not ice)
  • Rounders
  • Rowing (inshore – recreational)*
  • Safari/Safari Trekking (UK Organised)
  • Sailing/Yachting (recreational – inshore)
  • Scuba diving (not solo – up to a maximum 30m)*
  • Segway (supervised, non-competitive)
  • Skate Boarding/Scooters (non-motorised)
  • Snorkelling (inside marked areas and/or with lifeguard present – inshore)
  • Softball
  • Squash
  • Stoolball
  • Swimming (inside marked areas and/or with lifeguard present)
  • Swimming off a Boat (with a qualified supervisor in attendance –  i.e. a lifeguard – inshore)
  • Swimming with Dolphins (inside marked areas and/or with lifeguard present – inshore)
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge Climbing (professionally organised and supervised)
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Theme Parks
  • Tubing*
  • Tug of War
  • Unicycle Riding
  • Volleyball
  • Wakeboarding (inshore)
  • Water Parks
  • Water Polo (swimming pools only)
  • Whale Watching (professionally organised)
  • Yachting (inshore – crewing)*
  • Yoga

Please Note: those activities marked with an asterisk (*) do not have Personal Accident or Personal Liability cover.

Activity Pack 2 – additional premium required

  • Abseiling (indoor/outdoor climbing wall up to 25m)*
  • Airsoft***
  • Camel/Elephant Riding or Trekking (non-UK booked, organised tour only)*
  • Climbing Wall (indoor/outdoor, up to 25m)*
  • Cycle Touring/Leisure Biking (between 1,001m & 2,000m)**
  • Fell Running (between 1,001m & 2,000m)*
  • Hiking/Mountain Walking/Rambling/Trekking (in a group, between 1,001m & 2,000m)*
  • Mountain Biking (between 1,001m & 2,000m -excludes downhill)**
  • Parasailing/Parascending (over land or water – Europe only)***
  • Safari/Safari Trekking (non-UK booked, organised tour only)*
  • Sea Canoeing/Kayaking (under qualified supervision – inshore)**
  • Sea Fishing (inshore)**
  • Shark Cage Diving***
  • Summer Tobogganing***
  • Surfing***
  • Water Skiing (inshore)**
  • Windsurfing (inshore)**

Please Note:

  • the Medical excess is increased to £150 whilst participating in any of the activities within Activity Pack 2.
  • An activity marked with * means the benefits under the Personal Accident section are reduced by 50%
  • An activity marked with ** means the benefits under the Personal Accident section are reduced by 50%
    and there is no cover under the Personal Liability section.
  • An activity marked with *** means there is no cover provided under the Personal Accident or Personal Liability Sections.

Activity Pack 3 – additional premium required

  • Breathing Observation Bubble (BOB)
  • Canoeing/Kayaking (white water Grades 4 -5)
  • Cycle Touring/Leisure Biking (between 2,001m & 3,000m)
  • Fell Running (between 2,001m & 3,000m)
  • Gorilla Trekking (non-UK booked, organised tour only, in a group and up to 1,000m)
  • Hiking/Mountain Walking/Rambling/Trekking (in a group, between 2,001m & 3,000m)
  • Hydro Zorbing
  • Mountain Biking (between 2,001m & 3,000m – excludes downhill)
  • Octopush
  • Rafting (white water Grades 4-5, Europe only)
  • Sand Boarding
  • Sand Dune Skiing/Surfing
  • Tree Top Walks

Please Note: the Medical excess is increased to £200 and no cover is provided under the Personal Accident or Personal Liability sections whilst participating in the activities included in Activity Pack 3.

Activity Pack 4 – additional premium required

  • Cycle Touring/Leisure Biking (between 3,001m & 4,000m)
  • Fell Running (between 3,001m & 4,000m)
  • Gorge Walking (no ropes)
  • Hiking/Mountain Walking/Rambling/Trekking (in a group, between 3,001m & 4,000m)
  • Kite Boarding/Buggying/Surfing
  • Land Yachting
  • Mountain Biking (between 3,001m & 4,000m – excludes downhill)
  • Via Ferratta

Please Note: the Medical excess is increased to £250 and no cover is provided under the Personal Accident or Personal Liability sections whilst participating in the activities included in Activity Pack 4.

Need cover for Winter Sports?

Specific cover for Winter sports is available as an option.

Read more on specific winter sports cover

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Top Off The Beaten Track Holidays in the UK

off the beaten track holidays banner

Off the beaten track holidays are for the free spirit in all of us. They’re a way to escape the crowds and help us focus upon our own creative pursuits, sports, and interests. Both old and new. Either alone or in the company of good friends and family, give yourself the opportunity to escape to a quiet corner of the UK.

Whatever your holiday includes and whoever you chose to take along for the adventure, we have found some of the best. Go off the beaten track for holidays in some special and secluded locations across the British isles.

Plan ahead, take one in the spring, August, September, or October! Or book a getaway at the last minute, after taking inspiration from our favourite off the beaten track holidays in this blog…

Where can I go for an off the beaten track holiday in the UK?

Off The Beaten Track Horse Riding Holidays

If you’re an experienced rider or beginner, you and your horse have the opportunity to trot around the English countryside. From Cheshire, Sherwood Forest, or Shropshire, choose a trail map that will take you along quiet roads for a peaceful horse riding holiday. After a long day in the saddle, relax in a 19th-century farmhouse with a homemade meal. Your horse will also enjoy walking through untouched fields, fords, and forests, before finishing the day with some straw and hay.

off the beaten track horse riding holidays


Mournes, County Down, Northern Ireland

If horses are one of your favourite animals but you no longer ride, why not go off-grid and stay in a horsebox conversion in Northen Island? Wake up to see the majestic Mourne Mountains from one window and woodlands from another. Here, two serene settings will offer you many walking trails and photographing opportunities.

For the more adventurous members of your party, choose a day out at Castlewellan Forest Park, which provides a range of outdoor activities from cycling to orienteering.  There is also Newcastle beach, which is a short drive away. If you want to stay in a different kind of accommodation than usual and want some more unusual staycation ideas, read our unusual staycation blog!

Off The Beaten Track Holidays in Mournes, County Down, Northern Ireland 

Luxury Off The Beaten Track Holidays on the Coast

For a luxury break, a coastal holiday in Cornwall could be the ticket. Take the whole family and enjoy some quality time together. Stay inside the mouth of the Camel Estuary in Rock, (North Cornwall) within a luxurious holiday home. Complete with 180-degree sea views and a hot tub, spend your days building a seaside fortress and catching some rays on your private beach.

If you have a surfboard to hand, hit the waves and master surfing while you’re away. To try another water-based activity like canoeing or kayaking, pay the Pembrokeshire Coast a visit and stay in a remote holiday cottage in Wales. With accommodation that includes an indoor swimming pool, tennis court, or games room, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Off The Beaten Track beach Holidays


Rural Holidays in Carmarthenshire, Wales

Go glamping in rural Carmarthenshire which is the perfect setting for stargazing under a dark sky. During the day, visit the coastlines of Carmarthen and Cardigan Bay to spot dolphins and seals. To gain some inspiration for your latest gardening project visit the National Botanical Garden of Wales and explore the brilliant British Bird of Prey Centre.



The Isles of Scilly

For a mini adventure, sail or fly via helicopter to The Isles of Scilly. With a backdrop of desolate, white sandy beaches and a turquoise sea, immerse yourself in the creativity of island life, through crafts or photography. When onshore, feast upon an array of locally sourced produce while enjoying the scents of sub-tropical plants. While on water, seek out grey Atlantic seals and explore this enchanting archipelago by island hopping.

However, if it’s just the white sands you’re looking for during an off the beaten track holiday, head to Holkham Beach in Norfolk or Studland Bay in Dorset. Both these seaside destinations have plenty of wildlife to spot in winter and summer, as well as miles of sandy beaches to scamper along.

off the beaten track holidays on the isles of Scilly


Perthshire, Scotland

Perthshire is a good choice for an off the beaten track holiday because it has plenty to offer wildlife watches. Here you’ll find Big Tree Country, an unspoiled wilderness, which is home to the secret red squirrel and leaping salmon. There are also different walking trails you can follow or give geocaching ago! Either way, live like a local and stay in a cosy lodge, farmhouse, or barn.

Perthshire is also referred to as the stopping point to the road to Scotland’s Highlands…

off the beaten track holidays in Perthshire


Remote off the beaten track holidays in the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands is known for its whisky, highland cattle, and enchanting castles. However, tucked away in the Alladale Wilderness Reserve is a bunkhouse house lodge that you can rest in. Surrounded by 100 square kilometers of rugged mountains, forests, rivers, and lochs, this is one of the most remote buildings in Scotland.

The location is also the perfect destination for hiking, wild swimming, and mountain biking. Reserve your bike, free of charge, and enjoy a holiday full of unparalleled experiences. For more ways to entertain your family while away read our activity holiday blog.

remote Off The Beaten Track Holidays in the Scottish Highlands


The Peak District

Ignite your family’s senses during an off the beaten track holiday in the Peak District. Motor through the moorlands to admire its many colours, before stopping at Trentham Monkey Forest to feed 140 free-roaming Monkeys. Have your lunch at the famous landscaped, Victorian Garden – Biddulph Grange.

Or listen out for the sounds of chugging trains and steam locomotives, while breathing in the smells of the industrial revolution, at the Churnet Railway (Rudyard Lake Steam Railway).



Teesdale, Yorkshire

Book yourself into a riverside cottage for a quiet weekend retreat. Teesdale in Yorkshire is said to be one of England’s most unspoilt areas. With the Dales on your doorstep and a log fire to keep you toasty, spend the day baking. Or warm yourself after a walk among the North Pennines (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). Barnard Castle is also round the corner, as is the medieval stronghold of Raby Castle in Durham, which is surrounded by 200 acres of parkland and a woodland adventure playground.

off the beaten track holidays in yorkshire


Canal boat trips away from the crowds

Escape the hustle and bustle of life and take a trip down the waterways – perhaps in Derbyshire. Jump aboard your narrowboat from Marcia Marina the largest inland marina in Europe, and glide gracefully along the Trent and Mersey Canal.

Feeding the ducks and swans is optional, ordering a ‘Taste of the Shire’s’ hamper is encouraged. Tuck into local treats onboard while fishing, reading, painting the scenery, and wildlife watching.  You will also have many opportunities to stop and visit friendly pubs and pastures at your leisure.

If a canal boat holiday is something you’ve wanted to do for a while, read our canal holidays blog for more inspiration!

feeding swans


Travel Insurance for Off The Beaten Track Holidays

Wherever you end up in and around the UK remember to book your UK travel insurance with Free Spirit. Find all the features and benefits of our policy here.


Post Vaccine Travel – What You Need to Know.

vaccine travel what you need to know

After a year that has been dominated, and curtailed by, the Pandemic, December 8th – called V-day by some – brought the development that everyone has had their fingers crossed for. The first vaccinations to COVID-19 were given out, beginning the largest inoculation program in history. So what does this mean for those of us desperate to travel again? What will ‘post vaccine travel’ look like? And will a ‘vaccine passport’ become a travel essential?

What is happening?

As D-day has been seen as the beginning of the end of the second world war, so V-day is being championed as the beginning of the end of the pandemic. At about 6:30 am on the 8th December, the first vaccination was administered for SARS-COV-19, the virus that causes COVID 19.

The UK is the first to roll out their vaccination program, as the world watches on. Fittingly, one of the first to get the jab was none other than William Shakespeare, an 81-year-old gentleman from Warwickshire.

The news was greeted by a huge surge of optimism. However, many in the medical industry and the government have quite rightly pointed out that this is going to be a long and hard road before we can – hopefully – put the pandemic of 2020 behind us.

Everyone will require not just one, but two doses – spaced 3 weeks apart to be safe from the virus. This is quite the challenge, even for the 14 million most at-risk individuals that make the highest priority list.

Will the Vaccine work?

We have to wait and hope, although the conclusions of the clinical trials were very encouraging. Both of the vaccines that are being rolled have an efficiency of more than 90%. Given that both have been approved by strict safety and effectiveness UK regulations gives genuine hope of a positive outcome.

Another reason to be cheerful is that these are not even the only options. Other vaccinations are at advanced stages and when more are available they could be combined for even better results.

Can we Stop Wearing Masks For Post Vaccine Travel?

The vaccines are designed to help the body fight the virus off as quickly as possible. However, they do not stop people from catching the virus in the first place, then becoming infectious to others. In other words, those vaccinated could still pass the virus on, albeit their infection will be contagious for a shorter timeframe.

For this reason, those who are immunised will likely still be required to wear masks and observe social distancing – for the time being at least.

When is Post Vaccine Travel Likely?

Individually, it will take 28 days for everyone who is vaccinated to build up immunity to the virus. However, it is unlikely to be as simple as this. 14m high-risk people need the vaccine and this will take time to distribute. It will also require thousands of extra hours of NHS staff and volunteer’s time.

These factors, along with many other variables will determine how and when post vaccine travel will be safe again.

All things considered, there is optimism that by the end of Spring next year much of those on the priority list will have been immunised. In fact, Kate Bingham, chairwoman of the vaccination workforce, has struck an optimistic tone. It is her ‘gut feeling’ that: “we will all be going on Summer holidays” in 2021.

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Will I need a COVID-19 Vaccine Passport to Travel?

For post vaccine travel it will clearly be a benefit in being able to show that we have been vaccinated. Especially so for the foreseeable future as some individuals will have developed immunity while others will not, and as countries will have different approaches to immunisation that will progress at different paces.

What is the difference between a vaccine passport and a vaccine card?

Currently, recipients of the inoculation are presented with a wallet-sized vaccine card to record the following details:

  • Name of vaccination
  • Batch number
  • Date administered.

It also serves as a reminder card for when their second dose is due.

Government ministers have been very careful to point out that this card is not a ‘vaccination passport’, which are currently being evaluated by a panel of experts. However, as they are likely to lead to individuals being excluded from activities and services, it is unlikely that vaccination passports will be considered for use within the UK.

Why are Vaccine Passports Not Likely in the UK?

The concept of a vaccine passport undermines ‘informed consent’ which is considered a core principle of the UK medical healthcare system. This stipulates that no medication is mandatory and that every individual has the right to assess any option to reach their own decision.

Vaccine passports are likely to place additional pressure on individuals if they believe services would be withheld should they decline. This is deemed to be unethical in the UK. It would expose those who do not inoculate themselves to stigma and discrimination.

To summarise, holidays in the UK are unlikely to be affected.

Will we Need Vaccination Passports for Post Vaccine Travel?

While the UK places civil liberties front and centre, other countries take a less liberal approach. There is no escape from the fact that travel to such places is likely to require evidence of inoculation.

Currently, the World Health Organisation are exploring a vaccination certification program. This is likely to be based on the international ‘yellow card’ used to prove immunisation from yellow fever demanded by some countries before entry is granted.

Countries will look to protect their citizens. Each will take a different approach to their immunisation programs, and will advance them at a different pace. Until an adequate percentage of their populations are immunised, each government will be wary of incoming travellers for fear of further outbreaks.

Many businesses are likely to follow suit to protect the safety of their passengers too. The most prominent example so far is Qantas airlines, who have said it will be essential for passengers before they are allowed to board. Perfectly reasonable given the safeguards that have been put in place this year.

It is reasonable to expect that for the foreseeable future, producing proof of immunisation will make post vaccine travel much easier.

Top Ski Holidays in Scotland for Free Spirits

Have you considered a ski holiday in Scotland?

The ski enthusiast among us can usually be found gliding through the Alps or skiing down the slopes of Switzerland. However, a ski holiday in Scotland should also be added to their bucket list – and yours! For a start, there is more than one snow-capped location to choose from and each one will provide you with the perfect escape into a white winter wonderland, while you master your moves on the mountains.

For the beginner, ‘learn to ski holidays’ in Scotland are also an option for solos, couples and adventurous families alike. Adventurer, amateur or experienced enthusiast, we have discovered everything you need to know to have a top ski holiday in Scotland while embracing the freedom to sweep down the slopes.

When can you go on a ski holiday in Scotland?

Ski season usually starts in Scotland in early December and runs into early April. However, as the season is dependent on snowfall, you’ll find that the best time for skiing in Scotland is actually January and February.  Before heading out, look up the ski centres webcam to check out the live feed.

man enjoying a ski holiday in Scotland

The Skiing in Scotland Map

To view the latest snow and weather reports ahead of leaving home go to the met office website, and visit onthesnow to find the skiing in Scotland map.

For more information about the snow conditions at your chosen Scottish ski centre, VisitScotland has plenty of pointers and useful info.

When you have an idea of when to go and what the snow and weather should be like, booking a last-minute ski holiday in Scotland is not a bad idea. However, it is wise to book your ski break in advance – don’t leave it to chance. Then, with Free Spirit Travel Insurance if you need to cancel your trip for any reason, up to £5,000 can be claimed back.

On the other hand, if your travel or accommodation provider suffers from financial failure before or after your departure and your trip is cancelled, with Free Spirit Super Duper cover you will be covered for end supplier failure.

What do you need to wear when you go skiing?

You will want to ensure you have a warm, comfortable and safe ski holiday in Scotland. In that regard it goes without saying that you will need to take some suitable clothing to wear.


  • A waterproof and breathable ski jacket.
  • An elastic powder shirt, to keep the snow away from your skin.
  • Ski pants that are waterproof with an elastic cuff around the ankles or boots, to keep out snow maintain your temperature.
  • Waterproof ski gloves or mittens that are snug but roomy enough so you can pinch your fingers and hold your poles.


ski wear in Scotland

  • Base layers such as long-sleeved tops and legging-style-bottom combos which are made of synthetic materials. These materials are perfect for all weathers because they dry quickly.
  • Lightweight fleece for intense activities but slightly heavier if you’re a beginner.
  • Knee-high ski socks made of merino wool. These will provide good padding and support while keeping moisture out. Your toes will be cosy too but only wear one pair at a time to avoid restricting blood flow.


  • Ski goggles with 100% UV protection, to shield your eyes from the sun and snow.
  • A neck warmer to stay cosy and keep windburn at bay.

Ski holidays for beginners

Learning to ski can be achieved at a Scottish BASI (British Association of Snowsport Instructors) affiliated ski school. At the school, equipment hire and instruction is provided. Each instructor will guide you onto the snow and you’ll be encouraged to follow the Snowlife snowsport awards scheme.

This award helps you to explore movements, sensations, terrain and equipment safely, while you develop the skills and independence required to help you traverse the mountain with ease. No matter your age or ability, go from beginner to challenging the pistes of Scotland during your Ski holiday!

What can I expect at a ski school?

  • An electric lift to help you onto the snow with a large run-out area to practice.
  • Accredited BASI instructors to ensure you have fun and enjoy the slopes safely.
  • Easy slopes to start with before mastering pistes.
  • The opportunity to use artificial slopes to learn the basics.
  • Lessons in groups which are tailored to your needs, abilities and numbers in your party. If this is your first ski family holiday, you will be able to learn altogether.
  • To learn not just how to ski but how to snowboard when you book in advance.
  • You can also book a private lesson if you’re new to skiing or just require a refresher lesson.

Where can I find a ski school in Scotland?

equipment for a ski holiday in Scotland

  • Try the Insh Hall Ski School in the Cairngorms National Park, which is a safe environment for all skiers. The Cairngorm Mountain also offers the best beginner conditions.
  • The Glenshee Ski and Snowboard School. Glenshee ski centre is the largest one in the UK. Covering an area of 2,000 acres (790 hectares), you can ski or snowboard over four mountains and three valleys.
  • Aviemore Ski School in the heart of the Cairngorm Mountain range. Here you can book a range of snowboarding and ski packages for the family or for solo travellers.

Whichever ski school you choose, always follow the safety guidelines for the activity concerned and use the appropriate and recommended safety equipment.

When hiring equipment (such as skis, boards, boots and poles), avoid the queues by picking it up the night before. Snowsport equipment can be sourced from a reputable snowsport service or outdoor ski centre.

Where can I go on a Ski holiday in Scotland?

Already clocked up some time on the slopes? The top five outdoor ski centres in Scotland are:

  • Glencoe Mountain, which lies 26 miles south of Fort William on Rannoch Moor. With spectacular views of Buachaille Etive Mor, this centre is ideal for experienced snow sports enthusiasts. Sledging is also an option with sledges provided!
  • The Cairngorm Ski Area, Aviemore for adrenaline seekers, beginners and anyone who wants to observe the panoramas of the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland’s highlands.
  • The Lecht Ski Centre, which can be found within Scotland’s largest National Park, in the Eastern Cairngorms. It is the smallest ski centre but a natural playground for all snow sports, while it sits 2,090 feet above sea level!
  • Also in the Eastern Cairngorms, you can find the Glenshee Ski Centre, where you have 36 runs to choose from.
  • The Nevis Range Way, Fort William. Here you can ski up to 1,190 metres high on Aonach Mor. The runs are varied, and different winter activities are available. To view all the activities we cover in our Ski Travel Insurance Policy click here.

Once you have decided on your ski holiday location in Scotland, book some private accommodation, close to the slopes.

Where should I stay in Scotland to go Skiing?

Top accommodation for a ski holiday in Scotland:

ski holiday Scotland in the Cairngorms

We hope we have inspired you to take to the slopes during a ski holiday in Scotland. While there, you can learn from some of the best ski instructors to master your moves, experience the thrills of different runs and take in the sights of some of the great Scottish moors.

Don’t forget to take Free Spirit Ski Travel Insurance along for the ride. You can find all the features and benefits of our Ski Travel Insurance here.

Plus, if you’re feeling spontaneous and want to give any other winter sports a go, view our Winter Sports Travel Insurance as well.

The Top Self Drive Holidays in the UK

self drive banner

Self drive holidays are one way to discover a destination in your own time. Spend a few nights or a couple of weeks absorbing a county’s sights, tours and attractions, as you stop off for walks, climbs and find other hidden gems!

During a UK road trip, you can drive with ease in your own vehicle, while you take in a changing landscape. With 247,100 miles of mainland road to explore and 7,723 miles of UK coastline to gaze across, the routes you can motor along are endless.

There are also self drive holiday packages that you can book in the UK. However, there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own self drive holiday itinerary. Simply fill it with your favourite interests, activities, book accommodation, some excursions and you’re ready to go!

Giving yourself the freedom to design your own self drive holiday itinerary, is the perfect option for free spirits like you! Here are some of our suggested routes, activities and excursions around the UK you can choose from…


Self drive holidays in England

The Isle of Wight 

After a ferry trip from Southampton, drive along quaint lanes on the east coast of the Isle of Wight and go back in time at Osbourne House – Queen Victoria’s holiday home. On the western side, follow the road to Freshwater and grab a picnic lunch with views of the Needles at Alum Bay. For a spot of shopping, pop into Brighstone, Mottistone or Cowes, before driving over Brading Downs to Ryde, for fish and chips, with a seaside view on the esplanade. With 67 miles of coastline around the island and fossils to be found on the east and west shores, the Isle of Wight may surprise you!

self drive holidays on The Isle of Wight


Self drive holidays from Great Yarmouth and across Norfolk and Suffolk

For a true seaside holiday, head east for Norfolk and Suffolk. Enjoy the sights and sounds of traditional summer attractions, long sandy beaches and walks along cliff tops, where castles overlook the North Sea. As you drive along the haunting Norfolk coastline, from Great Yarmouth to Southwold, stop at lively Lowestoft for some fresh fish and visit the miniature steam railway. For nature watchers, wander around one of Suffolk’s many nature reserves to spot wild birds and badgers. Or to meet mammals and primates head to Africa Live! See lions, the bat-eared fox and an array of domestic livestock.

self drive holidays in England


The Yorkshire Dales

Pick a route to explore the Yorkshire Dales each one has its own personality! In the north, start in Grassington and roll along the hills on the Wharfedale Circuit. Drift past heather moorlands, barns and dry stone walls, before stopping off at Bolton Abbey to go wild swimming. Or, start in the South at the spa town of Ilkley. From the edge of the Yorkshire National Park, weave your way north to Hawes, England’s highest market town to rest. Then go horse riding one afternoon uphill and down dale. When wet, nip down the road to Wensleydale. A place for foodies to dine and learn how its famous cheese is made. The west is home to the three peaks and full of charming cottages to stay in.

self drive holidays in Yorkshire

When planning a self drive break don’t just map out your route ahead of time book your cottage in advance too. Then before you leave, Free Spirit will cover you for curtailment and cancellation, in the unlikely event that you need to cut your trip short.


Self drive holidays in Ireland

Northern Island

From lively Liverpool to Belfast, take the ferry and begin your self driving holiday in Game of Thrones territory. Bite into the ultimate Belfast Breakfast (Ulster fry) before roaming along the Causeway Coastal Route. Gaze at gentle glens and geological wonder – The Giant’s Causeway! Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, be blown away by the area’s volcanic history or silently stroll down way-marked coastal trails, taking in spectacular scenery. Plan your self driving holiday to include historic castles and your choice of water sports, golf or galleries, before resting in Ballintoy Harbour.

self drive holidays in Ireland


Northern Ireland has lots to offer for all ages and so does Free Spirit Travel Insurance! Book a trip for all the family. Everyone will be insured to have a great time, without added anxiety because our policy has no upper age limit. Plus, if you become ill far from home, Free Spirit can provide you with medical travel insurance in the UK, which includes the additional expenses for someone to stay and escort you home later than planned.


Self drive holidays in Scotland

The Scottish Highlands

Drive up to Loch Lomond, which is part of The Trossachs National Park in Southern Scotland, where red deer roam free amongst oak woodlands in the shade of the Ben Lomond Mountain. Cameras at the ready! To get back to nature, camp in the stillness of the park and take up one of the many water activities the next day, such as paddleboarding. Then for the next leg of your journey, motor across Rannoch Moor and take a pit stop at the Secret Valley at Glencoe – a glen formed by volcanic eruptions, then shaped by ice age glaciers. Then to really feel surrounded by history, stay in the hunting grounds of Fort William – the path to Ben Nevis.

red deer


The Road to the Isles

After your hike to Ben Nevis, take the ‘Road to the Isles’ from Fort William to Mallaig. A beautiful trip for avid photographers and walkers alike! This winding road will come to an end in the small fishing port of Mallaig but will greet you with the gateway to the Isle of Skye. Once you have rested at your cottage, take one of the many boat trips to the Inner Hebrides, which include the scenic islands of Mull and Lona.

self drive holidays in scotland


The Outer Hebrides

A chain of 12 inhabited islands and 150 miles makes The Outer Hebrides a unique self driving holiday. As each island is connected by causeways, bridges or ferry, your vehicle is welcome to explore this remote wonder in the Western Isles. Here, you can follow the journey of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Start on the Island of Erisky and find rare flowers, before visiting 20 different locations to absorb dramatic scenery, beaches, Bens and Lochs. For foodies, take your taste buds on a self-guided eat and drink trail, to tuck into the wild food of the west.

road in the Outer Hebrides


Whichever trail you choose, a self drive holiday across Scotland can bring challenges such as single-track roads. Therefore, it is wise to recap on how to drive along them! As well as this, make sure you have the correct breakdown cover for your planned route. For instance, your car insurance may only cover you if you breakdown 12 miles from home. Not ideal if you break down in the Outer Hebrides, many miles from home.


Self drive holidays in Wales

The Coastal Way 

A 180-mile adventure! The Coastal Way weaves itself in and out of deep blue seas and majestic mountains from Llŷn to Pembrokeshire. Rolling along the entire length of Cardigan, stop to sample and learn about Welsh tipples at the odd distillery, brewery or vineyard. Or for something a little more active, give golf a go. When you reach Pembrokshire, stay in Fishguard and feast upon Welsh rabbit, while listening to traditional folk music next to a roaring fire.



The Cambrian Way

Named by Visit Wales in 2017, The Cambrian Way runs from north to south coast for 185 miles and will take you on a ride-along Wales’ backbone! Set off from Cardiff and trundle through the hills. Hidden within, you’ll find lavender fields, where you can source natural scented oils and discover a 12th-century garden called Plas Brondanw. On your journey, follow any of the roads, to find the entrance to the mountains – Betws –y-Coed. Or take up the challenge and hike through Snowdonia. You will have reached the end of your journey at Llandudno, a Victorian seaside town.

self drive holiday north wales


The North Wales Way

Survey North Wales and its coastline, on an old trading route to Anglesey. Start at Magical Mold and take photographs of enchanted castles on your way to Anglesey, such as Conwy Castle (a World Heritage Site), Penrhyn and Caernarfon. For the adventurers among you, Snowdonia is also the UK’s outdoor activity capital, which offers many sports such as inland surfing, mountain biking and more!

mountain biking

When booking any outdoor activity, transport or accommodation, which is not part of a package trip, remember that Free Spirit UK Travel Insurance will provide you with End Supplier Failure. This is invaluable if your travel provider goes out of business.


UK Holiday Insurance for Self Drive Holidays

Have we inspired you to hit the road and drive 500 miles to a new destination? We hope you have a good road trip, wherever you choose to roam. Just don’t forget your UK holiday insurance.

Self drive holidays can also be planned to fit around an event in your calendar, such as a family get-together. However, always remember that the price of your policy is always based upon the total cost of your trip.

UK Walking Holidays for Free Spirits

UK walking holidays are a delightful option for walking enthusiasts who want to challenge themselves during a two-week vacation. Walking mini-breaks are also an idea to improve all-round health and practice mindfulness during easy walks, down picturesque paths or beautiful bridleways.

Either way, by going on a gentle weekend break or two-week hike, you’re sure to build up your stamina. In fact, there are many health benefits, from improving strength & flexibility to giving you a great night’s sleep. Just know your limitations and plan ahead.

A great time for a walking holiday is in autumn when the air is crisp and the leaves crunch beneath your feet. On the other hand, you could go in early March, to welcome the first signs of spring.

Whenever you go, there are lots of UK walking holidays to choose from and destinations to visit. Here are some of our favourites.

autumn walking holiday

Walking Holidays for Beginners

UK walking holidays for beginners are usually tailored to your abilities. They are shorter walks that give you time to explore an area. Walking on the flat and filling your day with interesting routes will be a breath of fresh air. Literally!

Hadrian’s Wall Path

Take a wild walk through rugged, remote countryside. Here, you will be transported back in time to Roman Britain, as you pass turrets and Roman forts. For an accessible trail, start at Chester’s Roman Fort in Chollerford and walk the 8.5 miles to the remains of Housesteads Roman Fort. Here you will come across a visitor centre and museum to take you all the way back to the times of the Roman Empire. With the fort in an elevated position to fend off raiding parties, the views are not bad either.

Coastal Walking Breaks

North Norfolk

A walking break along the North Norfolk coast is ideal because it is quite flat. It is also full of character at every turn! Complete a self-guided circular walk of the seaside town of Sheringham with your route planner in your back pocket. On an eight-mile walk, you can explore the area’s coastline, farmland, diverse woodlands and health, while spotting local wildlife overhead.

King Fisher

The Isle of Wight

Choose a coastal walking holiday on the Isle of Wight with its charming, chalk cliff tops. Birdwatchers will also enjoy spotting some of their feathered friends, which live among the island’s many marshlands, mud-flats and beaches.

The Coastal Path is 67 miles long, around the island. Where ever you start and end, you will find that it is predominantly coastal and easy going. Breathing in the fresh air and soaking up the south coast sun is sure to re-invigorate you – The Isle of Wight is said to have the best weather in the UK.

Guided Walking Holidays in Scotland and Northern England

UK guided walking holidays provide you and your companions with an itinerary, route and accommodation, which you can book as a package. Some even provide transport if you require assistance, or if you want to go on a long walk in one weekend.

The West Highland Way Guided Walking Holiday

Said to be a once in a lifetime experience and always a lovely location for a walking enthusiast, the West Highland Way makes you master your mobility and improve your agility before you scale the summit of the ‘Devils Staircase’. The full walk takes five-seven days and can be very challenging in places, although there are plenty of places to stay along the way. Your journey begins at Milngavie (north of Glasgow) and starts as a pleasant, pastoral path. Along the way relish a rugged walk into Rowdardennan, where you can stay in comfortable accommodation, with views of Loch Lomond. Then you descend into the Nevis forest, where Ben Nevis will greet you at the end of the trail at Fort William.

Ben Nevis walking holiday

If you decide to climb Ben Nevis during a guided walking holiday, read up on the potential hazards beforehand and wear footwear that has good ankle support, a firm sole and a secure grip.

Hiking and mountain walking (in a group), of up to 2,000m are included in activity pack 2. The sky’s your limit! Find out how you can explore with confidence, while on holiday here.

The Pennine Way National Trail

The Pennine Way is one of the most iconic National Trails in Northern England. Walk along what is said to be Britain’s backbone anywhere from Edale to Kirk Yetholm, through the Peak District to Scotland’s Borders.

The 432km route is probably a tad long for most, but there are plenty of great sections along the way. For instance, start in the small market town of Hawes and head north to Tan Hill, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. This part of the walk is 16.5-miles and is said to be a Pennine Way classic! Walk past waterfalls, through moors and stay in some of the legendary pubs along the way.

As convenient a guided walks are, nothing is stopping you from planning a self-guided walking holiday without a guide or group. Just find your own map to plot an adventure, which is suitable for you and your ompanion’s level of stamina. With suitable footwear and accommodation booked in advance, you’ll soon be ready to go.

Self-Guided Walking Holidays

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds Way is a 103-mile path from Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire to blissful Bath. Walking sections of it will give you a chance to reflect on life in peace amongst the rolling hills and countryside. Staying at one of The Cotswolds country villages like Wotton-under-Edge will also give you the chance to admire its Georgian architecture too.

To enjoy the central section of The Cotswolds Way, give yourself a couple of weeks to meander through meadows and woodlands from Dowdeswell to Kings Stanley. This is a shorter, quieter and less demanding section to enjoy whatever the weather. For aspiring archaeologists, visit Crickley Hill.

uk walking holidays in Norfolk

The Peddars Way

For a walking holiday full of Victorian seaside resorts go to Norfolk and walk the Peddars Way. From Knettishall Heath to Hopton-on-Sea, visit the ancient dwelling of Breckland, as you stroll along this ancient Roman road. Altogether, The Peddars Way spans 136 miles and weaves along calm countryside, shingle laid beaches on the Norfolk coast and passes Castle Acre.

To enjoy seaside views and stays in Victorian hotels, follow the Norfolk Coastal Path from Winterton-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth to Hopton-on-sea. Then finish with a Cromer Crab Supper –  a famous dish in Norfolk.

The South Downs 

The South Downs Way is a marked path that runs within the new South Downs National Park. This tranquil part of the country provides an escape with views of the English Channel and the Isle of Wight in the distance. It stretches 100 miles and takes its course through protected habitats, rare chalk grasslands and primaeval woodlands. Said to be the most iconic section of the South Downs Way, you can take a 10-mile walk along the chalk cliffs of the Seven Sisters from Alfriston to Eastbourne. When you want to get back to civilisation find a friendly pub for a well -deserved drink.

If you enjoy visiting traditional pubs, pub to pub UK walking holidays may also take your fancy! There are many country Inns and pubs you can stay in across the UK – just book in advance. Plus, if you take out Free Spirit UK Travel Insurance, in the unlikely event that you need to cancel or cut your trip short, you will be covered with curtailment and cancellation cover.


When it comes to travel insurance, some walking holiday packages may cover the basics. However, for specialist travel insurance, pack Free Spirit UK Travel Insurance. We are one of the only insurance companies, which cover loss/damage to medical aids and prescriptions and will cover you for items that may not immediately spring to mind. Find all the key features of our policy here.


Our Favourite UK Family Activity Holidays

Family activity holidays can be experienced in different locations such as ancient woodlands or five-star resorts, which can be enjoyed over a week or weekend break. If you are looking for an escape for you and your grandchildren, we have sourced some of the best family activity holidays to keep you all energised.

Here are some of our favourite action-packed family activity holidays that you can book and experience, whatever your tastes and interests.

Family Horse Riding Holidays in the UK

girl and horse

If you want to indulge someone who loves horses, a family horse riding holiday will do the trick!

Lessons are for children and adults, plus spectators are welcome too. Stay in a local B&B, log cabin or self-catered holiday cottage near the horses stable and you will all learn how to look after horses and ride over a few days.

What can you learn during a horse riding holiday?

  • Stable management, which includes grooming, mucking out and caring for a horse.
  • How to prepare a horse for a trail
  • What it means to be a successful rider
  • How to control a horse when walking, leading, dismounting and remounting.

Lessons are led by guides who have undergone training in routes and horses. These types of breaks are remarkably laidback because horses can be patient when you are learning.

Where can I find a family horse riding holiday for beginners?

  • Duddon, Cheshire, where you can find walking and cycling routes outside of Chester.
  • West Sussex, for rides across the South Downs.
  • Penzance, Cornwall, a short train ride from St Ives.

Family Water Sports Holidays

Family Water Sports Holidays

For fun and freedom go out on the water and choose a surfing, swimming and snorkelling holiday. There should be no concerns around swimming in the sea either. The best time for an ocean swim is in early September after the sun has been shining upon it all summer. Some waters around the UK will be around 18 degrees Celsius.

Open water swimming has many health benefits. A dip in the sea can increase metabolism, provide better circulation and give your immune system a boost.

Where can I find family activity holidays with water sports in the UK?

  • In Wales, along Pembrokeshire’s Coastal National Park
  • St Austell, Cornwall not far from The Eden Project.

You could stay in your motorhome, caravan or tent. Or for a luxury feel, sleep in a private holiday cottage or five-star holiday park. At the beginning of the day, arrive at an RYA certificated training centre and book a windsurfing, water-skiing or wakeboarding course, for those who are confident on the water. For spectators, book a deckchair and pick up a picnic basket full of foods from local producers.

Relaxing Family Activity Holidays

Relaxing Family Activity Holidays

If you want a gentle family activity, give kayaking a go and stay in a cosy cabin. Spend a weekend gliding across the waters of a large lake, while listening to birdlife and observing nature. Plus, some time in a kayak will improve your family’s hand-eye-coordination, agility and confidence on the water.

To get back to nature, stroll along wooded paths and collect dry wood to build a small raft. Although, if you want to combine an array of family activities, go on a multi-activity family holiday.

Multi-Activity Family Holidays in Wales

If you don’t have much time to spend with your family, book an activity weekend break. These can be filled with different, high-quality family activities. Some short family activity holidays can also be all-inclusive, with meals and accommodation provided in different places around the UK.

Multi Activity Holidays

However, to make this holiday even more exciting, go further afield. Set off early morning to watch the sunrise, on the way to North Wales, which recently positioned itself as the Adventure Capital of Europe.  North Wales’ is a place for an adventure! It’s a unique region full of adrenaline-driven activities and you can discover its heritage, mountains and beaches as well.

What can you experience during a multi-activity holiday?

  • Go back in time and take up archery, the world’s oldest sport
  • Guided hikes and Gorge walking experiences
  • Treetop walks, to spot squirrels, rare birds and other wildlife.
  • Paddleboarding across lakes
  • Canoeing lessons on gentle rivers

Luxury Family Holidays

family activity holidays with tree houses

In years to come, your grandchildren will remember the quirky ideas and adventures you shared the most. Give them something unusual to remember – like a luxury treehouse!

While you relax at dusk, you’ll be able to get the binoculars out. Look out for rare birds, like Woody Woodpecker and all his woodland friends. If you really want to push the boat out, hot tubs for outdoor baths are an option the kids will love!

Where can I find a luxury treehouse holidays in the UK?

  • The Lake District, home to Brockhole on Windermere which is an adventure playground for all ages.
  • The North Yorkshire Dales, where you can book a visit to the interactive National Children’s Museum – Eureka!
  • The Cotswolds, where you can find lots of adventure parks.

Luxury family cycling holidays in the New Forest

If you are a family that loves nature and wildlife, take a family activity holiday that includes cycling in the New Forest. With a local guide, you are sure not to get lost either. As you cycle along paths, pasture-lands and pass ponies, you will realise how vast the New Forest National Park is.

Stay in the small village of Burley (famous for its fudge) and collect your bicycles to head out for a crisp, morning cycle. From Burley peddle to Brockenhurst then onto the maritime town of Lymington. The next day you could surprise your young travelling companions with a day trip to The Isle of Wight on the ferry to visit Black Gang Chine. Black Gang Chine has been keeping families entertained since 1843. Full of fun rides, slides and wildlife walks there is something there for everyone.

Whichever family activity holidays you go on this year or next, always follow the safety guidelines provided. If you book a winter activity holiday, wear the appropriate clothing. Also, aim to do an activity which matches the level of experience and ability which you have in that sport.

Travel insurance for a Family Activity Holiday

family activity holidays

There are many family activity holidays to choose from but to enjoy your family holiday with confidence do not forget Free Spirit UK Travel Insurance!

One of the four big improvements we have made to our policy this year is three additional activity packs. This allows you the opportunity to add another activity pack to your Super or SuperDuper policy, for an extra premium.

With 100 activities already included for free on a policy, view the full list and the new activity packs here, before you book your next family holiday.


For more information around going for a half-term break in the UK, during the Coronavirus pandemic click here.

The Benefits of UK Wellness Retreats

Wellness retreats are known for their healing powers, natural treatments and settings. Some of the most well-known are in Asia. However, we have located some of the most luxurious wellness retreats in the UK, if these are too difficult to reach. There are retreats for mindfulness, fitness retreats and even primal retreats for your inner caveman (or women!). We have also looked at their long-term health benefits.

A weekend wellness retreat can be an indulgent experience for anyone. A healing retreat is a perfect option for those that need more tender loving care. Whatever your reason, you can always explore the retreats stunning setting with your partner and if you’re still wondering if a retreat is worth your time, here are some of the benefits…

What are the benefits of a retreat?

  • It’s an energising place to kickstart a new health journey.
  • You can learn how to create a nutritious meal plan.
  • Discover which method of de-stressing works for you.
  • Relaxing your mind within a natural setting enables you to be more creative.
  • Negative thoughts are reduced, which aids positive energy.
  • Immersion in the practice of wellness frees time to focus on your health goals.
  • You can learn how to care for yourself and live healthily.
  • Plunging yourself into a calming environment helps you to engage in healthier practices that can be continued after leaving.
  • A retreat full of educational and therapeutic activities, fuelled by a healthy diet can improve your blood pressure and mental health.

What can I expect at a retreat?

  • A stay in a calming, natural environment away from life’s distractions.
  • The chance to go off-grid and detox from digital devices
  • More time to focus and discover something new about yourself.
  • New activities to try in a range of workshops – from creative writing to dance.
  • The freedom to relax without the pressure to do anything you do not wish.
  • Personalised treatments that will aim to remedy underlying health issues.
  • To make new friendships with people who also want to enhance their well-being.
  • The opportunity to buy and take home luxurious spa treatments like mud masks, creams and cleansers to use again and again after your stay.

Additionally, some wellness retreats are catered for people who are recovering from certain illnesses like cancer or depression.

Wellness Retreats for Cancer Patients

If you are looking for a retreat to assist you with convalescence after an illness, a two-night stay at a relaxing wellbeing retreat could be ideal. Before your departure, a medical professional from the retreat (also known as a Naturopath) will call or meet with you, to discuss any changes that you need to make in order to feel much better. This discussion will ensure you are provided with a tailored break to suit your requirements. They might even be able to offer you treatments such as osteopathy, acupuncture or a massage if they’re suitably trained.

You can also choose a therapeutic massage with aromatherapy oils (the same treatment offered at Macmillan centres). Or seek out a cave of wonders! Revitalise at a recovery retreat visit thermal rooms, full of steam; ice showers or herbal saunas. Complimentary fitness classes are included as well, alongside organic treatments and full access to the spa.

wellness retreats for cancer patients

Where can I find a recovery retreat in the UK?

  • Essex, where you can visit Britain’s oldest town.
  • Edinburgh, where you can take in spectacular views of the Three Bridges.
  • The historic county of Glamorgan, South Wales.

Wellness Retreats for Mindfulness

Staying at a wellness retreat provides you with a safe space to practice mindfulness techniques, which can enhance your emotional wellness. Relax in the stillness of a mansion, barn or woodland retreat.

Usually found in natural settings, you can stay for one – five nights while improving your physical health as well, with the help of a supportive mindfulness leader. There is also the option to try a delicious meal after a gentle stroll amongst woodlands too.

mindfulness wellness retreats

Where can I find mindfulness retreats in the UK?

  • North Devon, where you can visit the Valley of Rocks for beautiful sunrise photographs.
  • Buckinghamshire, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty full of chocolate-box villages.
  • North Yorkshire, where you can find vast sandy beaches, moors and rugged cliffs.

Are there wellness retreats with psychologists?

Yes. You can visit a retreat that includes focused courses, workshops and wellbeing journeys, which are led by psychotherapists. Psychotherapy is also included at anxiety and wellness retreats for depression. Their aim is to help you resolve issues, feel more content in life, unleash your desires, make you feel good and to ensure you remain contented long after you’ve left.

Yoga Wellness Retreats

The chance to chill out while getting fit on holiday may appeal to quite a few people. Establish healthy eating habits that complement a morning yoga session, while you immerse yourself in a natural setting. During your yoga and fitness session, each breath you take will allow you to flow from one pose to another. Yoga is also one way to stretch out any tight muscles while providing a feeling of weightlessness and calm.

At a beachside location, combine your yoga break with surfing in the sunshine, before enjoying a bowl full of locally sourced, fibre rich fruits and vegetables. If you continue to follow this healthy diet, in the long term, you will have more energy, prevent disease and begin to build stronger bones


Where can I find a yoga retreat in the UK?

  • Northumberland, which is full of unspoilt beaches and rugged moorlands.
  • On the shores of South Devon, where you can spot wildlife at one of many nature reserves.
  • Northern Island, home to the Giants Causeway and Causeway Coastal Route.

Healthy Eating Wellness Retreats

If you’re looking for a health-conscious fitness retreat, look no further than a primal retreat. Primal retreats aim to help us remember how we were born to eat and move the way we were designed to move when we were cavemen (and women). While there,  fuel your weekend with nutritious food and a range of fun exercises, to enhance both your fitness and relationship with food. Learn about the Paleo lifestyle – also known as the caveman diet.

Due to the lack of processed foods that were not known to us thousands of years ago, this diet can improve your heart health and aid weight loss while you are still left feeling full and satisfied. In true caveman style, you even have the option to go foraging for yourself! However, this, as well as the Paleo and vegetarian meals at most retreats are optional.

After breakfast take part in a yoga session, kickboxing workout, countryside walk or forest workout. Each forest workout includes natural movements such as balancing, jumping, throwing and lifting. The aim is to help you reconnect with nature, while you remember the way you were born to move! You will finish feeling stronger from improving your mobility and agility. In the long term, a healthy body should aid a healthy mind.

healthy eating wellness retreats

Where can I find a Primal Retreat in the UK?

  • Within one hour of central London in Cambridgeshire.
  • Suffolk, where you can visit historical sites and colourful gardens
  • Along the Fal River in Cornwall.

Creative Retreats for Single Travellers

While staying in a gorgeous Georgian house, taking time to focus on the right side of your brain during a solo wellness retreat will allow you to improve your mind and physical health. These are ideal settings to manage negative emotions with total privacy. Try drawing, painting, moulding objects or writing. Writing things down also helps you learn and memorise items more efficiently, while you give your immune system a boost.

Or learn to breathe more deeply at a singing retreat. You’ll strengthen your lungs and improve your all-round health at the same time. Whatever creative pursuit you choose, you should leave in a happy mood with reduced levels of fatigue. You might also make some new friends!

Where can I find a creative retreat in the UK?creative wellness retreats

  • The Isle of Wight, where Dinosaur remains and fossils can be found along Compton Bay and Yaverland Beach.
  • Gloucestershire, where you can explore The Forest of Dean and The Cotswolds.
  • The ancient island of Anglesey, North Wales, which has 246 square miles of natural beauty.

Fitness Retreats to Revitalise

Find some time to stretch yourself physically at a luxury fitness retreat. Focus on changing something within your current lifestyle. This could be to reverse a drab diet or a lack of lust for life, or maybe you need help getting a good night’s sleep? Either way, a few days spent at a fitness retreat can help you to meet your own wellbeing goal, taking part in a variety of energising exercises followed by healthy meals, all while having fun.

Some high-intensity activities can include circuit training and boxing. Or for gentler, aerobic exercises go swimming, running or enjoy a brisk afternoon walk. Finish the day by visiting the sauna or steam room to relax your muscles before a great night’s sleep.

fitness wellness retreats

Where can I find a fitness retreat in the UK?

  • Kent, a flat and cliff-lined county, known as the “Garden of England”, which is full of country pubs, castles and cathedrals.
  • Glastonbury, Somerset where you can find Glastonbury Tor, said to be King Arthur’s birthplace.
  • Snowdonia, Wales. Climb to the top of Mount Snowdon and look out to see if you can spot Ireland in the distance.

Luxury Wellness Retreats for Couples

Health and wellness retreats that include thermal treatments and a visit to a mud chamber can provide some welcome luxury for couples seeking escape. They can aid vitality by using heat, humidity, light and include natural fragrances – ideal for stimulating connections between pampered partners. One of the most enriching thermal treatments is a mud bath that you can visit together. In your private chamber, apply Rasul mud to your face, body … and each other. This treatment can also include a scrub to your skin pre/post bathing.

While you relax in a steam room, the mud’s minerals penetrate and cleanse your skin, before you gently wash it away. Mud has magical health benefits that include detoxing, softening and nourishing the skin. Afterwards, aches and pains are lifted, to leave you feeling reinvigorated and vitalised. As a self-administered therapy, mudding is also the perfect option if you’re not comfortable being touched by therapists.


Where can I find Rasul mud treatments in the UK?

  • The town of Lancashire with the Yorkshire Dales on its doorstep.
  • Shrewsbury, Shropshire, where you can visit a medieval castle.
  • Historical Herefordshire, which is full of Norman castle ruins, Tudor manors and cathedrals.

Are Wellness Retreats covered by Insurance?

Free Spirit UK Travel Insurance can assist you if you’re going for a one night stay or are planning to stay at a retreat for much longer. However long you stay, remember to take out Free Spirit UK Travel Insurance. It will be a useful policy to have if you need to cancel your trip unexpectedly. For more information, read all the features and benefits here. 


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