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Tips for buying the best travel medical insurance

It is almost impossible to know whether you are comparing like for like when you are looking to buy travel insurance and when there are additional key comparison details that relate to important health information the challenge only becomes tougher. In this blog post I am hoping that I can supply some useful tips to help you to demystify the buying process when it comes to selecting the best medical travel insurance policy for your next trip.

A key area to consider is whether your specific medical needs rule out many of the cheapest and general travel insurance providers and therefore you can immediately refine your search to specialist medical insurance companies who are tailored towards delivering this type of policy.

Next, I would think about the travelling itself – are you likely to travel multiple times within a 12 month period or are you just going away the once? This is important as there are a number of travel insurance policy types including; single trip, multi trip, annual, long stay, backpacker (and many more) which can be applied to your travel insurance with pre existing medical conditions.

Depending on the type of medical condition that you have you may be able to opt for a specific type of medical travel policy which covers your condition, for example epilepsy travel insurance, angina travel insurance and even age specific travel policies (for the over 50’s, 60’s, 70’s etc).

Other areas that I would keep in mind (and these apply to all types of travel policies) include; keeping close attention to the levels of excess stated in the policy, reading in great detail the policy wording, reviewing any specific exclusions that are not covered.

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Lee Wilson – I have been active in the online arena since completing my degree in business from Winchester Uni in 2003. Career wise I have worked as an online and direct marketing manager within the financial services sector covering the UK and USA for over 7 years as well as setting up and running my own online business prior to specialising in SEO.

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