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Canadians Don’t Buy Medical Travel Insurance so Why Should You?

OK first of all let me dodge the stereotype in my title before I go on. I’m sure many Canadians who travel abroad do see the benefits of getting travel insurance however; I was inspired by a recent online Google news story titled “Travel insurance is not a priority to most Canadians” hence my generalisation.

In fact it was quoted that 6 out of 10 people travelling from Canada do not get travel insurance before they travel (source – BMO Insurance survey – titled ‘Summer Travel Insurance Study’) – I’m not the only one that finds this statistic shocking right?

Please let me take a few more seconds of your time to explain why you need travel insurance especially for medical conditions

So what do I mean when I say ‘travel insurance especially for medical conditions’ well quite simply this is making sure that you get the right travel insurance policy for you that is specifically designed to cover your medical requirements. This can range from things like Asthma and Epilepsy to Bowel conditions and Cancer.

Remember the point of getting travel insurance is to make sure that should anything unforeseen happens to you whilst on your holiday or on your travels that you are covered and having existing medical conditions means that you should be particularly careful that you choose the right policy to suit your needs.

So why should you buy medical travel insurance (get ready for my ‘quick fire’ bullets):
  • For peace of mind travel
  • In case you have to cancel the holiday
  • You may have an accident while on holiday and find yourself having to pay for treatment there and then which can run into the thousands of pounds
  • You may get delayed at the airport for a long period of time
  • Luggage may be lost, misplaced or stolen and you need to replace them ASAP

The above points are simply some reasons to encourage you to get cover, of course any decision to purchase travel insurance is up to you and unique to your circumstances.

Written by:

Lee Wilson – I have been active in the online arena since completing my degree in business from Winchester Uni in 2003. Career wise I have worked as an online and direct marketing manager within the financial services sector covering the UK and USA for over 7 years as well as setting up and running my own online business prior to specialising in SEO.