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A few must see places to visit when travelling to Budapest

If you are travelling to Budapest there are a few beautiful places amongst this historic city that are a must see.
  1. Take a Cruise on the Danube, this is breath-taking at night
  2. Tour of Parliament House
  3. Walk through Heroes Square – the most visited sight in Hungary
  4. Relaxing day at the Szechenyi Bath & Spa
  5. Visiting a traditional Coffeehouse

When travelling to Budapest if you are only travelling there for a short period of time and want to make the most of it is worth speaking to your hotel receptionist as they tend to have the best information on what to see in the time you are there.

A tour guide is a good idea as you get the real true story behind this city from someone who really knows what they are talking about, you can take these tours via coach or on foot. If you decide to take a cruise tour on the Danube you can arrange to take a cruise that provides a meal and includes drinks at a very reasonable price so you can relax for a few hours whilst being taken care of.

One thing to take into consideration is that you are going to be a tourist in a big city. So like most big cities the most common crime would be pick-pocketing, keep your bags and valuables close to your person and zipped up. We should of course all take into consideration the possible medical expenses especially when travelling with medical conditions anywhere outside of your home country. Make sure you have cover including for people with existing medical conditions – consider taking out specialist travel insurance.

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