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Top Tips to remember when travelling

When travelling, most people find it difficult to get everything they need in their suitcases, as well as making sure it’s within the allowances given by the airline.

Here are a few suggestions to help you:
  • Buy digital weighing scales – this will help with the load and ensure you leave enough room to bring back presents. Fancy suitcases can weigh a bit so this will take up some of your allowance
  • Only take the necessary items with you as you can always pick up any additional little bits abroad
  • Liquids over 200ml – make sure they are in your main luggage not in your hand luggage otherwise the airport may confiscate them
  • Make sure your valuable items are in your hand luggage such as your mobile phone, digital cameras and especially your travel insurance. If your valuables are lost or stolen you will need your travel insurance to make a claim. By keeping your valuables in your hand luggage it will keep the weight down in your main luggage.

Make sure you arrive at the airport in plenty of time and make sure your bags are locked securely. When travelling and packing your hand luggage make sure your documents are easy to reach, make sure you don’t forget…

  • Passport for all travellers – you won’t be boarding the airplane without them!
  • Airline tickets – some airlines may charge you for reprinting tickets
  • Specialist medical travel insurance – keep the emergency telephone numbers to hand
  • Car parking details if you’re using these facilities
  • Hire car confirmation to pick up the car when you land

Make sure your documents are kept safe and with you at all times. If you follow the above guidelines you should have plenty of room in your bags to allow for a shopping spree on your holiday to treat your relatives or friends wanting a little something on your return.

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