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Two Weeks at Olu Deniz Turkey

Travelling to Turkey is a must for anyone and everyone. Whether you are travelling as a family, couple, girls or boys holiday; everyone should experience Turkey.

The Olu Deniz (translated as Blue Lagoon) is a beautiful resort of Turkey on the South West coast – most definitely a recommended place to visit.

Here are some must do’s when you’re there:
  • Jeep Safari – a day trip that will leave you thinking did that just happen? The activities include seeing the beautiful scenery by jeep, passing by spectacular ruins of an ancient shipyard, having lunch, white water rafting in the ice river, a mud bath and a trip to Fethiyes Gold centre
  • There are plenty of day cruises to choose from all of which are fantastic
  • Parasailing 
  • The markets in Fethiye and Hisonaru.
  • Fish market – cheap to eat and amazing fresh food
  • Turkish baths
Here are a few hints and tips when in Turkey:
  • Turkey has a very friendly community but please be aware that they do take a shine to light haired and blue eyed tourists – keep hold of your children at the markets.
  • Transport is very cheap and meals out are too – so make the most of the local cuisine and night life.
  • Be aware that in the heat of season the weather is very hot, June – July time can go up to 50 degrees. For a more chilled holiday go in or around September which is a great time to enjoy the sun but where it is not too hot for us tourists more used to a colder summer!
  • Most hotels have great evening entertainment and activities throughout the day, make the most of it, especially if you have children with you.
  • Make sure you keep all valuables locked away at all times. Ask yourself, do you really need to carry your passport with you everywhere you go?
  • The locals including hotel/resort staff really do appreciate it when you try to speak a little Turkish even if you get it wrong! Give it a go and learn some key words and phrases on the plane before you get there.
  • Always make sure that when travelling you keep your specialist medical travel insurance documents with you. If you fall ill you may be expected to call the Assistance Company; details of which will be in your policy booklet.
  • Keep in mind that if you take part in an activity you will need to check your travel insurance will cover you. Check before you travel and if you are unsure call your provider first.

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