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Male Cancer Awareness Week 2013

It’s a shocking statistic that over 43,000 men will be diagnosed with a form of male-specific cancer each year in the UK. Men of any age face the risk of prostate, penile or testicular cancer.

Male Cancer awareness month is run by Orchid Fighting Male Cancer they are the only UK registered cancer charity to focus entirely on the male-specific cancers; prostate, penile and testicular.

Prostate Cancer

It is estimated that 1 in 9 men over the age of 55 will develop prostate cancer as it is the most common male cancer. It is estimated that a further 40,000 men in the UK will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year.

Elderly man deep in thought

Having a male family member with prostate cancer doubles your risk compared to men with no family history of the disease. If a close member of your family was diagnosed with prostate cancer under the age of 60, you are at a higher risk of developing the condition.

A diet high in saturated fats and red meat may lead to an increased risk of developing cancer including prostate cancer. As with all cancers a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate sunshine are important preventative measures.

Penile Cancer

Cancer of the penis is most often diagnosed in men over the age of 60 years and there are about 500 cases in the UK every year.

It is usually a slow growing cancer and if caught early, before spreading further, the chances of survival are high. You can find more information from this Penile Cancer information leaflet

Testicular Cancer

This cancer is still rare compared to others however, it is the most common cancer in men aged between 15-45 years with just over approximately 2,200 new cases a year and it is more prevalent in Caucasian males.

If testicular cancer is found at an early stage, the cure rate could be as high as 98%, even when if it has spread to other areas of the body, a cure could still be achieved.

Orchid Fighting Male Cancer has a fantastic film called ‘Know Your Balls… Check ‘Em Out!™’ it is designed to amuse whilst educating men about testicular cancer, how it can affect them and the importance of regular self examination.

Male cancer travel insurance cover with Free Spirit

If you have recently been diagnosed with prostate, penile or testicular cancer or have been treated in the past for these medical conditions, purchasing a travel insurance policy can be difficult. Some insurers may even decline to cover you.

Free Spirit Travel Insurance is different, as our specially dedicated policy is designed to provide cover for those that have been declined cover elsewhere due to their health.

You’ll get up to £15 million* worth of medical cover, which includes cover for the cost of replacing lost or stolen medication. You will also have access to our medical emergency helpline – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so whether you’re in Madrid or Marrakesh, you’ll never be on your own if you have a medical emergency.

*applies to Super Duper cover only

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