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Blue September is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about all male cancers.

Blue September is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about all male cancers.

In April this year I wrote about the male cancer awareness week that was run by Orchid Fighting Male Cancer however, this month see’s the UK’s first national campaign Blue September. This campaign is to raise awareness of all male cancers including prostate, penile and testicular to name a few.

It is still a shocking statistic to read that about 40% of men are more likely to die from cancer than women and around 80,000 men in the UK alone, may be affected each year. However thousands of male cancer deaths could be prevented, by men making healthier lifestyle decisions and taking care of their health, according to NHS Choices.

This campaign calls for people to paint their face blue or wear something blue on every Friday within the month of September and has the support of some of England’s leading football clubs including Liverpool, Everton and Portsmouth. Liverpool football player Steven Gerrard said: “Putting the blue paint on our faces was a light-hearted way of raising a serious message”. “We can all do our bit to face up to men’s cancer. If you think something’s not quite right, go to your GP and check it out sooner rather than later.”

Blue September supporter Professor Sir Mike Richards, the Department of Health’s national clinical director for cancer, said: “Men are at higher risk of developing a wide range of cancers than women.

“We need to encourage men to lead healthier lifestyles, to take up screening invitations and to present earlier when they have symptoms that could be due to cancer. Earlier diagnosis can undoubtedly save lives.”

Healthy living choices

You can reduce your chances of getting cancer by following a healthy lifestyle which includes exercising more, eating healthily and stopping smoking. Calculate your units of alcohol, read about the risks of drinking too much and get support if you need to cut down. How about quitting smoking, speak with your GP about what they can do to help you or try out the nicotine replacement treatments. A healthy weight is paramount in your quest against cancer, choose more of the healthy food options like fruit and vegetables and try and cut down on red meat. Why not treat yourself to a new cook book, you may find new inspiring recipes to try out.

If you are over 60, make sure you complete your home bowel cancer screening kit when it is sent to you. Don’t ignore it and put it in a drawer and hope it will go away, it is sent to you for a reason and it could save your life.

I know from my own personal experience with my dad who suffered from prostate cancer, if he had gone to the doctors at the first signs something was wrong, they may have been able to conventionally treat it sooner. He decided to try alternative medicine, a clean healthy un-processed diet with no alcohol and despite the doctors concerns, he managed to fight his cancer for 10 years but lost his battle shortly before his 70th birthday.

If he had gone to the doctors as soon as he realised he was urinating more frequently, not passing as much urine each time of going and from the ache he had in his groin, the doctors may have been able to treat his cancer and offer him a better life expectancy. Early detection is paramount to saving lives, don’t ignore it and let the same thing happen to you as it did to my dad.

For more information on male cancers visit the Cancer Research website.

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