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Pancreatic cancer – raising awareness

Pancreatic cancer affects around 8,000 people every year and is commonly found in older people over 60. Even though it is the ninth most common cancer in the UK, there are still a lot of people who aren’t aware of its existence, the dangers it poses or the symptoms to look out for. November is pancreatic cancer awareness month so what can you do to get involved?

Wear purple

The colour purple has been linked to pancreatic cancer awareness, in a similar way to how pink is associated with breast cancer awareness. During the month of November, you can get involved in raising awareness by wearing the colour purple. You may want to bring this into your workplace by charging people a fee to wear purple clothes for the day and then giving the donations to a charity that specialises in helping people with this particular cancer.

Party time

If you want to raise a bit more money for these charities, try throwing a party. This is the perfect opportunity to get a lot of people involved and make a considerable amount of money. Ask people to donate items to a raffle and auction them as this can often make larger amounts of money. There are T-shirts, wristbands, badges and other promotional items available for order from the pancreatic cancer charities across the country, with funds going towards research and helping sufferers. You can order these for your party and get everyone involved to donate. All of this can raise valuable funds for a great cause.

Celebrity awareness

Pancreatic cancer is slowly starting to get the recognition it deserves with celebrities helping to boost awareness, sadly in tragic circumstances. Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze lost his fight against pancreatic cancer in 2009, prompting a boost in awareness. More recently than that, TV soap Coronation Street has focussed on a story line centred around the disease. This coverage in the media is invaluable in raising awareness and may get people to check for symptoms earlier, potentially preventing deaths from this awful disease.

Get talking

If you want to take some valuable steps towards fighting pancreatic cancer, one of the easiest ways to do this is to get talking about it. Often it seems to be the case that people don’t have the knowledge to understand what the symptoms could be for cancer. If you start talking about your individual story or that of someone close to you, it may fill in the gaps of knowledge for other people. Sharing stories on social media sites like Facebook can see them reach even more people than just your own list of friends, further expanding the circle of information. Find out more about living with pancreatic cancer and share what knowledge you already have. The more people talk to each other, the faster a cure could be developed and so more lives may be saved as a result.