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The very best airlines in the world

Many people travel abroad every year, with thousands of people getting on aeroplanes every day. Because they are so frequently used, there are not only stringent safety regulations, but also fierce competition between different airlines to be the very best out there. So which ones are a cut above and offer outstanding service, cater to your every need and make your journey as comfortable as possible? Here’s a small selection of some of the better ones.


Emirates won ‘World’s Best Airline’ for 2013 so it goes without saying that you’ll get a first class experience on board one of the carrier’s flights. Going to show how much the company takes care of its customers is the other award it won for the ‘World’s Best Inflight Entertainment’ for the ninth year in a row. Emirates prides itself on putting customer comfort at the top of its list of priorities so customers can be sure of a great flight. The lounges available at various international airports are ideal for resting before departure, particularly if you’re not feeling 100 per cent. You can visit one of Emirates’ spas for some relaxing treatments, ideal if you’re in need of some relaxation.

Qatar Airways

Another airline from the Middle East scores top marks for an airline that cares about its customers and gives them a great experience. Whether you fly economy or first class, you can still be guaranteed a great service. The in-flight entertainment on offer has hundreds of options to choose from and the on board staff all go out of their way to make your flight a pleasant and enjoyable one. It’s worth noting that if you are ill for any reason, it may be worth opting for first class on any of the airlines. This will ensure you have more space, a quieter environment and can relax knowing that there are staff on hand to bring you anything you should need.

Cathay Pacific Airways

The Hong Kong based airline has been running since 1946 and has been set on expanding ever since. Cathay Pacific can boast several awards in 2013 alone including the ‘Best Green Service Provider’. Combining a high level of customer service with a commitment to being environmentally-friendly, the airline works hard to tick all the boxes. Safety is a priority that features in the mission statement, as well as being a company that’s not only environmentally responsible, but socially as well.

Etihad Airways

The logo is plastered across the shirts of the Manchester City football team, making it a household name for people who have never even flown with Etihad. Luxury is the name of the game with this airline so customers can expect something rather out of the ordinary. The Diamond First Class suite has won awards for being so fabulous, offering a personal chef, mini-bar, wardrobe and even a changing room. Flying in style never looked so good. If you want a completely unique experience where your holiday starts as soon as you step on the plane, this is one upgrade you’ll want to splash out on!

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