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Things to consider when getting specialist travel insurance for medical conditions

It’s important to have the right travel insurance in place when you have a medical condition, but what are the key things you should consider?

Your medical history

The number one rule is to make sure you declare all your medical conditions, whether you think they are relevant or not.

Most travel insurance specialists have a medical screening service which is designed to assess the likelihood of a claim arising. You will be asked some questions about the medical conditions of everyone to be insured on the policy so that you get the cover that’s right for you.

Nonetheless, it is still advisable to consult your GP or physician before booking a trip away should you have any concerns about your health or ability to travel.

Where you are travelling to

The cost of medical treatment varies from country to country; this in turn has a bearing on the cost of travel insurance. Spain for example has many private clinics where it is likely you would be treated if you fell ill. Medical costs here are much higher than the state hospitals so it is likely you will pay a higher cost for cover than you would say travelling to France. Equally taking a trip to Norway would be cheaper than going to America.

Your destination of choice will also have a bearing on the risks you take with regards to your overall health and wellbeing. Diseases and poor drinking water might be more prevalent in some countries than others.

What activities will I being doing

The cost of your cover will also depend on the kind of trip you’re planning to take and its associated level of risk. Skiing holidays are more likely to cost more than a city trip for example. It’s important to check before you go that any activities you are thinking of taking part in will be covered, otherwise you may find yourself without any insurance protection!

Is the Cancellation limit enough?

Check the limits of cover in the policy wording. You need to make sure that the Cancellation limit covers the full cost of your holiday as otherwise you could be left out of pocket if you have to cancel your trip. If you find yourself needing to ‘top up’ your existing travel cover, you may consider Top Up My Cover Holiday Cancellation – click here for details. This policy allows you to purchase up to £15,000 extra Cancellation cover (per person) so that your holiday costs can be fully covered.

Free Spirit lives and breathes by its moto ‘because health can’t keep you down’ because we believe in it. Providing you take a little time to accurately judge your needs, investigate your destination and make informed decisions about your level of risk, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to find a medical travel insurance quote and cover that’s right for you.

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