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Why age shouldn’t stop you travelling

Why age shouldn’t stop you travelling

As a mature traveller, you’ve probably experienced holidays and trips unimaginable to the youth of today. Trekking through the rainforests of the Amazon, climbing mountains in the Alps or backpacking across Asia…the younger ‘you’ was not daunted by travelling far and wide to experience something new.

A few years on, you’re still that same thrill seeker but a handful of obstacles – overall health, medical problems, climate and terrain – may stand in your way. However, age is but a number and it shouldn’t stop you from traversing the globe. Besides, a handful of tour operators, hotels and resorts offer a seniors discount on their facilities; there’s never been a better time to head abroad!


Discounts aside, you will need to consider your destination. Drawing up a list of accessible, versatile cities is the first step to planning a great trip and it’s worth considering whether your chosen destinations will be able to meet your senior needs. Choosing a place that has too many obstacles may not feel like a holiday but more an exercise in accentuating your age!

For instance, we read recently of one traveller that has detailed her experience on the coastlines and countryside of Italy – tough for fit and healthy adults and close to impossible for a senior with mobility issues. Therefore a villa in the countryside maybe ok if you are simply relaxing but if you’re looking to be out-and-about for most of the day, an apartment in the city could be a better choice.

Think about your luggage as well; you’ve got to take it from your home to the airport, get on your flight, get off your flight, navigate the destination’s airport, transit to your hotel and then do the same when leaving. Pack all of the essentials but ensure you’re able to carry or even better wheel your suitcase around without distress.

It’s also worth considering the time of year and the weather of your chosen destination. Summer can be troubling due to the crowds and heat – to the point where it may be too uncomfortable to leave the hotel. Try and stay at a time when the temperatures are much milder; you’ll enjoy your trip much more not worrying about suffering with the effects of heat exhaustion.

Finally, while you’ve probably researched your destination thoroughly, it pays not to have too much of a plan when you get there. The absence of a hugely-structured plan allows you to be flexible if you wake up one morning and don’t fancy the ten-mile hike you’ve planned. To make the most of your destination allow for plenty of free days for those short impromptu excursions.


If you’re a senior with a medical condition, you may think the issue of travel insurance could put paid to your holiday plans. After all, many standard insurers tend not to offer insurance when it comes to pre-existing medical conditions and people over a certain age.

As a result, it’s worth seeking a specialist insurer that can provide cover for people with medical conditions and has no age limits. Purchasing a specifically designed policy tailored to your specific travel needs can be crucial as it ensures you are covered for the unexpected. On the other side, a standard one-size-fits-all policy may not deliver the specialist cover you’re looking for.

Just because you’re considering booking travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions doesn’t mean you lose the standard features that come with travel insurance. You’re still protected against delayed/cancelled flights, lost luggage, theft and more. You could also be covered for loss or damage to medical aids depending on the policy cover. Free Spirit can provide you with the all important specialist travel insurance to cover your pre-existing medical conditions and provide you with the peace of mind to make your holiday all the more enjoyable.

Age is nothing but a number and we believe everyone should have the chance to travel abroad and seek those all important memorable holidays. You may be over 60 on the outside but inside you may still feel 26, but don’t tell that to airlines or hotels offering senior discounts!

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