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Are you a ‘boomerang tourist’?

I know from personal experience when you find the perfect holiday destination, you question why you would want to go anywhere else in the future. My family and I have returned to our favourite resort in Skiathos twice so far, because we have made great family memories there.

I think blue skies adorned with brilliant hot sunshine, small family run restaurants on the waters edge serving fresh local food, crystal clear water for swimming and sofft sandy beaches is what draws us back each time. The simplicity of the island, warm welcoming locals and reasonable prices makes Skiathos a favourite holiday destination, especially for our family.

Skiathos island in Greece. View of Plakes area.

I think it safe to say that the majority of UK holidaymakers seek good weather and family friendly resorts at cost effective prices and familiarity allows you to enjoy the holiday as soon as you get there. Travelling to somewhere you have been to before, can make planning a holiday much simpler, especially when travelling with young children.

However do you like to venture out of the safety of the hotel gates and seek out local traditions and cultures or are you happy to take part in the same pool activities and frequent the same bar in the evening?

I think most Britons are more than happy to go on a package holiday where the tour operator organises everything for you, right down to the day trips and return coach journey to the airport. You may like to feel safe, secure and organised and just turn up the airport at the expected time. If on the other hand you are like me and enjoy organising your own travel plans, accommodation and flights, you may not have someone on hand to help you should you need it when away from home.

Sometimes it is very easy to let your guard down especially when you know the holiday resort. You may think you don’t need travel insurance as you have holidayed there for the last 5 years and nothing has ever happened, but what if events took a turn for the worse.

For example; what would happen if you went to a water park and your child had an accident in the pool or if you were unfortunate to fall off the edge of a pavement and break your hip or worse still have a heart attack while out with friends in the evening, what would you do? Your holiday rep will be able to call an ambulance but they won’t settle medical emergency costs or repatriate you home if medically necessary. Complacency can ruin a holiday as failing to get adequate travel insurance, could be make for a very expensive trip.

I never travel abroad without travel insurance protection as I like to know that there is always someone at the end of a telephone to help me, in the event of a medical emergency. Free Spirit’s emergency assistance company can help with directing you to the nearest state hospital, organising payment of associated medical costs and providing you with the peace of mind that your wallet won’t be left empty for the rest of the holiday.

Holidays should be fun-filled, stress free and full of memories but make sure they are memories worth keeping. If you haven’t already purchased holiday insurance, then check out our Family Travel Insurance.

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