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Annual Travel insurance for medical conditions

Annual Travel insurance for medical conditions

We want everybody to travel no matter their age and it is important that they are not put off enjoying holidays or making important trips in their later years because they wrongly believe themselves to be ‘uninsurable’. An older traveller does not necessarily pose any greater ‘risk’ just because they have another birthday.

As we have no age limits, Free Spirit will consider customers of any age so even centenarians can travel abroad as often as they like.

Choice is not something senior travellers are used to when it comes to travel insurance but we believe everyone deserves the right to travel and we strive to offer insurance for people of all ages, with the majority of medical conditions travelling to any destination. On some occasions it may not be possible to offer a quote but we will always let you know the reason why.

Some standard insurance providers avoid senior travellers because they believe the risks are higher, but these people are the ones who are most in need of insurance protection. The UK has an aging population with more and more people in retirement and many of them want to enjoy their golden years by travelling abroad.

Free Spirit prides itself with successfully insuring people in their 80s and 90s with single trip policies and with the appropriate medical screening and it is now able to do the same for those who want an annual policy.

Annual travel insurance is a great way to get continuous travel insurance protection for the whole year. You simply need to buy one travel insurance policy and it will provide you with cover for an unlimited number of holidays throughout the year. It allows you to travel as many times as you want in a year and has maximum single trip durations of 31 days on the Super cover and 45 days on the Super Duper cover.

With any type of travel insurance, it is very important to declare all of your pre-existing medical conditions when you are getting a quote. This will ensure that you are fully covered if you fall ill before you travel or while you are abroad, if it relates to a pre-existing medical condition.

More great reasons why you should buy Free Spirit annual travel insurance with cover for medical conditions:

Can annual travel insurance save you money?

If you are likely to travel more than once or twice in a year, annual trip cover can work out cheaper than buying a single trip policy for each journey.

Buying an annual holiday cover can save you time

A great benefit of annual holiday insurance, whether you need to cover medical conditions or not, is that you only have to buy it once a year! We will notify you when the policy is due to be renewed and let you know how you can issue a new policy, so that you don’t run the risk of travelling uninsured.

Annual travel insurance covers named adults to travel independently

One added advantage of covering all travelling adult companions on the same annual policy is that they can travel independently of each other as well as together, great news if you are a couple or a family.

Continuous cover with annual travel insurance

As long as you have a valid annual travel insurance policy in place, this can give you continuous cover for cancellation just in case! If you are forced to cancel a trip because of a declared pre-existing medical condition, or due to a new condition being diagnosed after the time you purchased your policy, cover would be in place for any holiday costs already paid.

We understand that some of our senior customers want to be able to purchase a specialist travel insurance quickly and have the opportunity to speak with someone if they need to discuss their pre-existing medical conditions. So why not call today on 02392 419 080 and speak with a friendly voice. Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm (except Bank Holidays)

Alternatively you may like to have the convenience of issuing a policy yourself online? We have a simple to use interactive medical screening system to enable you to do that, so there is no need to panic if you have left it until the last minute to book.

We don’t use age as a barrier to offering you an insurance cover, so don’t let age get in the way of you travelling abroad and seeking out new travel adventures.

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