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Doctors have performed the first UK organ transplant from a newborn

Organ transplants have been performed as far back as the start of the 20th century with the first transplant being the cornea in 1905.

In a recent neonatal procedure described as a milestone, a six-day-old baby girl’s kidneys and liver cells were given to two separate recipients after her heart stopped beating. Doctors writing in the journal Archives of Diseases in Childhood, describe the case of the baby girl who was born in extremely poor health.

Doctors at Imperial College NHS Trust in London say in an act of “extraordinary generosity” her parents agreed that her organs could be donated, once her heart stopped beating. Her 5cm long kidneys were given to a patient with renal failure and in a separate operation her liver cells were transfused to someone with a failing liver.

Prof James Neuberger of NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “We are pleased the first transplant of organs from a newborn in the UK was a success and we praise the brave decision of the family to donate their baby’s organs.

“The sad reality is for everybody to get the lifesaving transplant they are desperately in need of, more families who are facing the tragic loss of their young child will need to agree to donation.”

Dr Gaurav Atreja, who was involved in the transplant, said “This turned out to be a positive thing for the family. They could see something positive out of a negative experience. We hope that neonatal units across the UK will actively start thinking about this noble cause.”

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