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Travel insurance for multi-generation holidays

In today’s modern life it can be difficult to balance work and family time; and with more and more people working full time with longer hours, it can be too easy to forgo the visits to see family if they don’t live locally to you. Of course our spare time is precious and for most people, household chores and time with children is spent mainly at weekends. If you are like me, you don’t want to spend hours stuck on the motorway to visit family.

However, a growing band of people are changing the way we spend time with family. They are doing this by travelling on holiday with several generations of their family, so that they can spend more quality time with them, rather than a snap shot of moments at a weekend. I think this is a great idea and can be brilliant fun!

What better scenario could you have from a holiday, with grandparents on hand to babysit if you fancy some relaxing downtime and children are able to spend real bonding time with grandparents. Rather than the usual hurried routine, you can spend time together at whatever pace suits you all.

For most families, travelling is considered a luxury. However the senior generation are enjoying better health for longer and can have more disposable income to spend on holidays, so that quality time with the family abroad is considered an attractive option. It is also a great way to cut costs as booking individual hotel rooms can work out more expensive than booking a villa or an apartment for you all to share, which can cut the cost overall.

Booking your own holiday home is a great option as it gets all the family involved. I love this option and we have for many years chosen to stay clear of hotels as we like to experience the local cultures and cuisines and we are able to do this when staying on a self-catering basis. For kids especially, being able to go to a local supermarket and see all types of weird and wonderful fruit and vegetables for me are an important part of the holiday.

Another great idea for a multi-generation holiday is a cruise. They are a great option for families as there is always something on board for everyone. I have just returned from my first cruise and the most appealing attraction for me was the diversity of things to do. Mums and dads can treat themselves to a few hours in the spa, children can be amused by the on-board kids clubs and splash pools and grandparents can soak up the sun by the on-deck adult only pool. Everyone can experience their own unique holiday giving each family member the choice to relax or explore but at the same time still being together.

I have fond memories of holidays with my parents and grandparents. Growing up, I only saw my grandparents once or twice a year, so when my parents decided to get the family together and book a self catering holiday for a week in Devon, my sisters & I were thrilled! It was a new experience for us all but what fun times we had! Now the memories are told like stories to younger generations of the family and what priceless memories they are.

No matter how lovely it is to holiday with parents, it can also be a worry especially if they are over 65 with medical conditions. So getting the right travel insurance is key to a successful trip abroad. At Free Spirit we know that these days, families are made up differently and so our insurance policy is designed to be suitable for everyone – elderly parents, teenage children or even single parents travelling with young children. If you do need specialist travel cover for medical conditions, think about including all people in your holiday party on the same insurance policy so that you are all covered both before & during your holiday – just in case! (terms & conditions apply of course!).

We will also do our best to make your life as easy as possible by giving you a choice of policies with a choice of benefits so you can make sure you have the cover you need for the things that are most important to you. You’ll also enjoy access to our 24 hour emergency helpline should things go wrong and you need help or advice.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re heading off for a multi-generation family holiday – we can take the pressure off by providing peace of mind that we’re here for you every step of the way.

Why not get an instant quote now by using our fully interactive website. If you would prefer to call us that’s fine too. Let’s see how Free Spirit can get your family holiday plans off to a great start.

I hope your family holidays are as memorable as mine – happy holidays everyone!