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What does holiday and travel insurance cover?

In most cases, standard holiday and travel insurance can be rather limited in what it covers. There can be many restrictions in terms of the medical conditions or disabilities that standard insurance will cover, and most standard policies will have an age limit.

Free Spirit is proud to be different – we were the first travel insurance company to provide cover to people who couldn’t get insurance cover elsewhere due to their health. We’ve made it our mission to give people with almost any existing medical condition or disability, and of any age, complete peace of mind that they can take a trip abroad, knowing their medical condition(s) are covered.

Not only that, we can offer specialist travel insurance for you and everyone travelling with you on one policy, making arranging cover for your holiday much more straightforward.

So what does Free Spirit holiday and travel insurance actually cover? Listed below are some of the medical conditions our insurance covers, as well as the key features of our two cover options to help you decide which is best for you.

Existing medical conditions and disabilities we cover

At Free Spirit, we understand that if you have a health condition or disability, you probably wouldn’t want to travel without adequate holiday insurance in place. You want to be sure that you will be covered should you need to claim on your travel insurance (for example, if you have to cancel your trip or need emergency treatment abroad) so we strive to cover nearly all medical conditions and disabilities that you may have been diagnosed with or take medication for.

We provide holiday and travel insurance for people with a broad range of medical conditions, including heart conditions such angina and cardiomyopathy, brain and cerebral conditions including stroke and learning disabilities, all types of cancer, kidney conditions such as nephritis and renal failure, HIV and AIDS and associated conditions, and back problems and neck conditions.

Our travel insurance also covers rare medical conditions, people who have had organ transplants and people with disabilities, including cerebral palsy, spina bifida and motor neurone disease.

Mental health conditions including depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are also covered.

Two levels of specialist travel insurance

Our two cover options are called Super and Super Duper. Each includes certain cover benefits with differing amounts of cover, although there are a couple of features that are only available with Super Duper cover.

Both options cover you if you need to cancel or shorten your trip and if you need urgent medical treatment while you are away, Free Spirit can cover your emergency medical costs, including emergency dental treatment. We’ll also make sure your additional kennel or cattery costs are taken care of (up to certain limits) if you are delayed coming home. We also cover repatriation costs if medically necessary.

With both options, a lump sum can be paid in the event of a death, loss of limbs or sight, or permanent total disablement as the result of an accident.

If you have an accident or illness that means you need hospital treatment, our hospital inconvenience benefit provides a compensation payment for each 24-hour period you are an inpatient (maximum amount applies).

Once you have been discharged from hospital and have returned home, we can cover ongoing physiotherapy, home help, cosmetic surgery and dental treatment.

Free Spirit can also provide cover for your travel essentials. Cover includes accidental loss, theft or damage to your passport, baggage, personal money and travel documents, as well as any medical aids and prescribed medications you need to take with you.

We will provide cover for delayed departure or you having to cancel your trip after a delay of over 12 hours.  Cover is also provided for additional accommodation and travel expenses if strike action, adverse weather or mechanical breakdown results in you missing a departure or connection.

Both cover options include personal liability insurance, cover against travel risks such as hi-jacking and mugging, and cover for legal expenses in the event that you need to pursue a claim against a third party due to death or personal injury.

Our Super Duper cover has a couple of extra features; cover in the event that your airline reneges on their agreement with you due to financial failure, or your trip is disrupted as a result of natural disaster or being advised not to travel to your destination by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

View the full policy terms and conditions including excesses.

To find out more about our holiday and travel insurance and what is included, call us on 02392 419 080 or click here for a travel insurance quote.

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