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How much does travel insurance cost to go to the United States?

The cost of travel insurance depends on a number of different factors, from your destination and the duration of your time away, to your age and whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities. This way, specialist travel insurance providers like Free Spirit can provide* the cover you need, whether you’re heading to Paris for a weekend city break or jetting off on a four-week trek to Machu Picchu!

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In a previous blog post, we explored the costs of travel insurance in relation to visiting destinations in Europe. This time, we’re focusing on another popular holiday location – the United States. Every year, around 3.8 million Brits head to the USA, most choosing to visit exciting cities such as San Francisco, Miami and New York. But, while the US offers an endless variety of holiday options, it also has one of the most expensive healthcare systems in the world.

Experiencing a medical emergency, such as a stroke, while in the US can lead to a six-figure travel insurance claim. In fact, one traveller’s medical bills came to an eye-watering £760,000. Although far from typical, examples like these prove that it’s never worth travelling to the US without travel insurance in an attempt to save money – the price of policy will be a fraction of what being uninsured could end up costing you.

*subject to terms and conditions.

Average costs of specialist travel insurance to visit the US

Having suitable travel insurance in place is a must for any visit to the United States. It’s vital that you let your travel insurance provider know about every medical condition you have so that you will be fully covered in the event of an unexpected medical issue or accident while you’re there. At Free Spirit, our specialist travel insurance includes non-medical cover too; such as lost luggage or travel documents, or even a missed or delayed flight.

So, what does specialist travel insurance for America cost? The following table is designed to give an indication of what insuring a US trip could cost, taking into account cover for some of our most frequently insured medical conditions.

The following sample policy prices* are based on a five-day trip to the United States for a traveller who is 55 years old. We’ve included average costs* for both single trip and annual multi-trip holiday insurance, at both our levels of cover – Super and Super Duper.

Medical conditionSingle trip – Super coverSingle trip – Super Duper coverAnnual multi-trip – Super coverAnnual multi-trip – Super Duper cover
Type 2 diabetes£42.09£48.40£172.19£198.01
Heart attack£106.63£122.62£436.20£501.64
Atrial fibrillation£57.52£66.15£235.32£270.62
Prostate cancer£53.54£61.57£219.02£251.87
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)£60.33£69.38£246.80£283.82
Breast cancer£48.49

*Please note: The prices in this table are examples only. Actual prices will vary depending on an individual’s circumstances.

While these prices give a guide, the most effective way to know what it will cost to insure your trip to the US with us is to apply for a travel insurance quote.

As the table shows, we can provide several different types and levels of medical travel cover. These are:

  • Annual multi-trip insurance – this is designed to cover an unlimited number of trips** within a 12-month period. Heading off on more than one trip within the timeframe of a year? This type of cover may be more cost-effective than a series of single trip policies.
  • Super and Super Duper – our two levels of travel cover. Super Duper cover includes all that Super cover provides, plus more, including extended cover for Journey Disruption. You can compare both levels of cover on our summary page.

** Subject to trip limits – travel for up to 45 days per trip on a Super Duper policy, or for 32 days per trip on a Super policy.

Getting medical travel insurance for your next trip to the USA

Whichever part of the US you decide to visit, you’re sure to have an experience you will remember for a lifetime. Remember though, no US holiday countdown is complete without securing specialist travel insurance first.

Hopefully, our guide prices show that insuring a holiday to the United States needn’t cost the earth, even if you have an existing health condition.

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