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Winter Cruise inspiration for Free Spirits with Medical Conditions

Winter cruises can be a good choice of holiday if you travel with a medical condition or disability. Both you and your family will benefit because fewer crowds can lead to a more personalised service.

For you to enjoy the winter sun we have looked at winter cruise destinations for warm cruises in December, and January and the best winter cruises for 2020. You can go on short winter cruises for four days and 14-day Mediterranean cruises are possible as well.

Winter river cruises are also an option and can be found in some of the warmest places around the world, such as Africa, Australia, and South America.

Whichever type of winter sun cruise takes your fancy in 2019 or 2020, here are some we are on board for…

If you need to be close to home, give a winter Mediterranean Cruise a try

An Eastern or Western Mediterranean cruise could be for you if you like your holidays not too hot or not too cold. From late autumn to early winter, the temperature in the Mediterranean is around the mid-teens during the day. However, you might want to take a lightweight jumper during the evenings, when the temperature drops.

An all-inclusive Mediterranean cruise can offer many luxuries at any time of the year, throughout a long or short Mediterranean cruise. For a start, going in the winter months, means that you can benefit from lower costs and fewer crowds. This is a great help when navigating around towns that are usually busy.

For Mediterranean cruises in November, head west…

Where do Western Mediterranean Cruises dock in and around?

Western Mediterranean winter cruise

  • Cannes, France; where you can visit the Marche Forville for fresh and local specialities.
  • Barcelona, Spain; the home of Gaudi’s Cathedral, which nears completion in 2026.
  • Mallorca, Spain; which is world famous for its leather goods.
  • Rome and Florence in Italy; where you can sip a traditional cup of coffee.
  • The Italian Riviera or ‘The Coast of Liguria’; sits along the west of Italy.

If you’re usually not fussed about sunbathing and love to learn about the past, Western Europe has a lot to offer you, for instance, ancient castles, palaces, and forts that sit within picturesque landscapes.

Prefer a holiday with a warmer temperature? Go east…

Cruise the Eastern Med to experience the culture of colourful coastal villages and good food, found on these eastern shores since the Legend of Odysseus. Although eastern Europe is exceptionally hot, you can explore some of the world’s oldest cities from the grandeur of Athens to the remains of the Venetian Empire in Montenegro, at a comfortable 24 °C.

Where do the best Eastern Mediterranean Cruises dock in and around?

  • The Greek Islands, which are the backdrop to many Greek myths.
  • Cyprus, is full of fascinating cultural sights, museums, monuments, and galleries.
  • Turkey, where east meets west and the origin of tulips.
  • Croatia, is the home to more than 1000 islands.
  • Montenegro, with many majestic mountains.
  • Slovenia, where you can discover a cuisine influenced by four neighbouring countries.

Northern Mediterranean winter cruises in December

If you are thinking about booking a Mediterranean cruise in December for the family or a mini winter cruise before Christmas day, Northern Europe has a lot of surprises. Experience colourful Christmas markets, with the chance to try new delicacies and browse regional crafts. Who knows, you may find the perfect gift for a loved one!

Northern Mediterranean winter cruise

Where do Northern European Cruises go to?

  • Hamburg Christmas markets
  • Amsterdam, the home of wooden clogs
  • Bruges, the fairy-tale medieval town with cobbled lanes and canals.
  • The Northern city of Rouen, in the Normandy region of France.

Disneyland’s Magical Mediterranean Cruise

To make someone’s dreams come true in 2020, a Disney Mediterranean cruise will provide special moments during live Broadway-caliber shows. You’ll also have a themed room and gourmet dining. Plus, in your free time, you can explore the sites of Northern Europe.

What cities you can visit during a Disney Cruise?

  • Stockholm; the modern and entrepreneurial Swedish capital.
  • Taillinn, Estonia; full of first-rate restaurants.
  • St Petersburg, Russia; fondly known as the Venice Of The North.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark; is known as the happiest city in the world.
  • Helsinki, Finland; is full of many natural attractions, such as the Sea Fortress Suomenlinna.

A feature of our policy is that we can cover your travelling companions if they do not have existing medical conditions. So you can all travel on the same policy, with peace of mind.

Turn up the heat for winter cruises in the Caribbean

For a winter adventure, you could fly to the United States and start your Caribbean cruise from Miami and cruise to a sunkissed destination such as Cuba. Or to cruise to the Caribbean without a flight, while soaking up all the benefits of an all-inclusive cruise, Southampton to Barbados cruises are an exciting option.

Which destinations around the Caribbean are worth venturing to?

Caribbean winter cruise

  • Ocho Rios, Jamaica; not far from Dunns Falls which appeared in James Bond flilm “Dr.No”.
  • Aruba, off the coast of Venezuela for a horse ride along white, sandy beaches.
  • The Virgin Islands with its subtropical climates and landlocked harbours.
  • Coco Cay Beach, the Bahamas, drift up to 450 feet above the sand, in a beautiful helium balloon and indulge in a majestic view.

Bob along for a Barbados Catamaran Snorkelling Cruise

For the more adventurous, plan ahead to meet the creatures of the deep. With your G.P.’s consent, you will be covered under Free Spirits policy, when you participate on an amateur basis.

What can Barbados cruise excursions and shore excursions include?

  • Private catamaran trips for scuba dives and sailing adventures
  • A swim with green sea turtles
  • Evening sunset cruises
  • Riding horseback across the dunes
  • Meeting Barbados’ green monkeys
  • Day passes at five-star beach resorts

On the other hand, if you really like the idea of going further afield, you could consider a cruise down under…

Enjoy all-inclusive winter cruises around Australia

Due to the seasons being the opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere, Australia is one of the best winter cruise destinations to enjoy in January and February. Australia is a country with many contrasts, a colonial past, and of course a laid-back vibe! Experience Australia by train, plane, and water cruise.

What are the best cruises around Australia?

  • Cruise along the picture-perfect beaches of the east coast, from the river city of Brisbane to the tranquil, Great Barrier Reef.
  • Cruise from Sydney after seeing a show at the Opera house, to the western city of Perth for some retail therapy and a boat trip across Swan River – bar included!
  • If you are fond of the arts start your cruise in Melbourne, before setting sail for tasty Tasmania! Full of premium seafood and intensively flavoured wines.
  • Along the Northern West corner of Australia from Broome, home of the tropical Kimberley region, full of waterfalls and dock into Darwin.

For more of an adventure, fly from Sydney and cruise around New Zealand to take in views of majestic landscapes and learn about Maori traditions.

Winter cruises for those with mobility issues

Live with a mobility issue? Take travel tips and inspiration from Michele Monro. She has written a book entitled ‘Sailing With A Disability’. Although there are obstacles when you have a disability going on a cruise holiday can be accessible for everyone.

Will I need winter cruise travel insurance?

There are many benefits of our cruise travel insurance and it can be booked up to one year in advance.

Some of Free Spirit’s key features:

  • Free Spirit cruise insurance covers people of any age
  • Most existing medical conditions or disabilities are covered
  • Protection is given against loss and theft for medical aids, travel documents, and essentials.

If you have to cancel your cruise due to an unexpected event* you can rely on the Free Spirit Team to settle your claim efficiently, as A Howarth, Lancs says:

‘I felt it was only fair to say thank you for a job well done on our behalf without much upset. I was gutted that we had to cancel our special cruise at such short notice. We would like to thank you so much for your efficiency in being so fast in settling our claim; it made it easier to cope with the disappointment. Keep up the good work and once again thank you to your team at Free Spirit.’

Wherever you go for a winter cruise, enjoy the sun and have a happy holiday with Free Spirit Travel insurance.

*Exclusions apply – please see the relevant policy document section.

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