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Holiday Nostalgia Competition – The Winner(s)

In April, we launched our Holiday Nostalgia Competition. What better time to dust down family photos and reorganise all the old albums? We asked for your vintage shots, family vacation snaps and travel photo compositions for the chance to win a £40 Photobox Gift Card.

We were blown away by the range and quality of the photos we received. While many requested that their shots not be shared online, every one of them told a story and we are hugely thankful for every photo you gave us.

Here are some that caught our eye:

This one is from Lynn Savage (you can just about make her out in the doorway…) in the remarkable setting of Petra, Jordon. She said of it:

“This is a very memorable holiday photo for me. I didn’t go home afterwards, I stayed there, worked, got married, had kids; 20 years I stayed.”

No wonder it is such a memorable shot!

This fantastic photo has to be the most far-removed. Taken by Jane Reader and all the way from Antartica!

She assured us that no penguins were harmed – he quickly jumped back off the iceberg just after this was taken.

This lovely shot is one from a family holiday in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote.

Sent to us by Tina Campbell, it was a trip to celebrate her daughter’s birthday – we can’t imagine a lovelier setting.

David Lewis sent us this one from beautiful West Bay in Dorset.

He enjoyed a family holiday with 3 sisters, 1 niece and 2 dogs staying in two luxury motorhomes. There, they explored the local attractions such as Lyme Regis, Dorchester and Charmouth, not to mention the local hostelries and restaurants.

And now for (drumroll please…) the winning photograph:

Thank you to Stacey Hazelton and family for this one from Newquay back in 1983. Stacey said of this:

“… it reminds me of what a wonderful holiday it was and of course how much I was spoilt (with lots of ice cream!)”

Thank you once more to everyone that sent us photos for our nostalgia competition – we are just sorry we couldn’t show them all!

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