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travellers require coronavirus travel insurance

Do I Have Coronavirus Travel Insurance When I am Abroad?

Travel restrictions are starting to be lifted across the world as lockdown measures start to ease. However, when it comes to considering future travel plans, confidence is crucial. Free Spirit policies include coronavirus travel insurance, allowing you to travel abroad safe in the knowledge that you have cover in place if you fall ill with COVID.

From making continuous developments to our cover to ensure it is best suited to travel (both in the UK and overseas), we can assure you that our Free Spirit policy will provide COVID cover and protect you if you catch coronavirus outside of the UK.

We believe that everyone has the right to travel, no matter their age or medical condition. So when the government states it is safe to do so, we can give you the confidence to travel.

you have coronavirus travel insurance

What am I covered for with Free Spirit COVID cover?

Emergency Medical & Associated Expenses, found in section B1 of the policy.

For each insured-person this insurance will pay:

  1. Emergency medical and associated expenses up to £10m.
  2. Repatriation home if considered medically necessary.
  3. Additional cover on your return home following hospitalisation abroad.
  4. UK trip Non-Medical Cover: up to £10,000 for non-medical and other expenses incurred within the UK.

State hospital benefit, found in section B2 of the policy.

For each insured person this cover will pay as specified in your policy schedule, under your selected cover option:

£25 per 24 hours up to £1,000 Super cover
£50 per 24 hours up to £1,500 Super Duper cover

This is payable if you are admitted as a hospital in-patient in a public hospital during the period of your trip. It is in addition to the fees and charges paid under Section B1 A Emergency medical and associated expenses.

What Free Spirit policies has Coronavirus travel insurance been added to?

All live policies which include:

Annual Multi-trip policies
Single trip policies
Family travel insurance

What am I not covered for with Free Spirit COVID Cover?

Any payment when you are in a private hospital or clinic.
No cover will be provided for state hospital benefit, if it is not mentioned in the policy conditions or exclusions.

For more information download and read the Free Spirit policy in full.

Coronavirus Travel Rules

If you intend on travelling abroad make sure you understand the:

Am I covered with a Free Spirit policy in the UK?

If you are looking to holiday in the UK due to concerns about the Coronavirus pandemic, find out what you are covered for with our UK Holiday Insurance.

For more Covid travel insurance advice click here.

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