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Four BIG improvements to Free Spirit

In the coming weeks, the easing of lockdown for travel will follow the easing of coronavirus restrictions across the UK. Although travel may look very different. We have adapted by innovating our policies, so you can travel with peace of mind, whatever your age or medical condition.

We have recently delivered cover for emergency medical and repatriation costs if you are taken ill abroad during the coronavirus pandemic and introduced Free Spirit Coronavirus Travel Insurance. Plus, we provide UK Travel Insurance. If you have a Free Spirit Annual Multi-Trip Policy in place, it will give cover for trips in your region of choice and the UK.

Now, we want to inform you of four big changes to our policy, to provide you with more cover to travel confidently…

1: Free Spirit’s Policy now covers people who are on a waiting list

The struggle is over! We are one of a rare group of specialist providers that can provide cover for everyone to travel with confidence, if they are on a medical waiting list or not.

Free Spirit's Policy

Cover will be given to those who are waiting for, or have knowledge of the need for:

  • Surgery
  • Inpatient treatment
  • Investigation
  • A specialist consultation referral.

As long as this is in relation to a diagnosed medical condition, you can declare it during the medical screening section of your quote application. However, any medical condition(s) that is not declared to and accepted by us, will not be covered.

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2: End Supplier Failure Insurance

End supplier failure insurance is good to have if your travel or accommodation provider suffers from financial failure before or after your departure. It is now included on Free Spirit Super Duper policies.

For each insured-person this insurance will pay:

Up to £2,500 to replace irrecoverable sums paid prior to the financial failure of the scheduled airline or End Supplier (including but not limited to hotel, train operator including Eurostar, villas abroad & cottages in the UK and coach operators) not forming part of an inclusive holiday prior to departure.

Make sure you supply confirmation that the end supplier has stopped operating; keep your original purchase receipts, any unused travel tickets or accommodation vouchers.

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3: Gadget cover is standard on every Free Spirit Policy

Before, gadget cover was a stand-alone mobile phone and tablet insurance policy. However, it will now be included for all levels of cover on our Free Spirit Policy. A great benefit if you love taking your newest gadgets on holiday, to help enhance and remember your trip.

Free Spirit's Policy

What does gadget cover include? 

Free Spirit gadget cover is provided for:

  • Theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Loss
  • Breakdown and unauthorised call/data use for your gadgets

Which handheld devices can cover be provided for?

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets and iPad
  • Kindles
  • Satnavs
  • Cameras, lenses and camcorders
  • Smartwatches and smart glasses
  • Head-mounted displays
  • Handheld games consoles
  • Portable DVD players
  • Headphones, wireless speakers, MP3 players, and iPods

Gadget cover has also been integrated into the policy, for both Super and Super Duper levels of cover but your electronic, handheld device must be no more than 48 months old, at the date you started your trip.

For each insured-person this insurance will pay:

  • Super policy limit per person: £1,000
  • Super policy excess per person: £50
  • Super Duper policy limit per person: £1,500
  • Super Duper excess per person: £50

Remember to keep a copy of the receipt or credit card statement for each gadget you take.

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4: Additional Activity Packs

Three additional activity packs have been added to the Free Spirit Policy. This gives you the opportunity, to add another activity pack to your policy, for an extra premium. These activity packs can be added to both Super and Super Duper levels of cover. Useful, if you’re away with adventurous children/grandchildren who may pick a leisure activity which presences, a higher level of risk.

With Super level of cover, this policy will pay out up to:

  • £10,000 for personal accident insurance per person
  • £2,000,000 for personal liability insurance per person

With Super Duper level of cover, this policy will pay out up to:

  • £20,000 for personal accident insurance per person
  • £2,000,000 for personal liability insurance per person

Also, medical cover is provided under both cover levels.

Always follow the safety guidelines provided by the professional event company or organiser when taking part in a leisure activity. If you or someone in your family is participating in a winter sport. Wear the appropriate clothing and only do activities that match the level of experience, which you have in that sport.

Please note that adding an additional activity pack will affect the excess on your policy and the cover for personal accident and personal liability insurance – while participating.

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