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Post COVID Travel Trends to Inspire Your Best Holiday Yet

Many post COVID travel trends have emerged, as the course of the pandemic has evolved over the past 12 months or so. However, thanks to the unveiling of the roadmap out of lockdown, hand-in-hand with the first signs of spring, we have the freedom to look forward to travelling again soon.

Here are Free Spirit’s favourite up-and-coming post-COVID travel trends, which we may well be experiencing shortly.

Conservation Minded Holidays

post covid travel trend conservation holiday

If you loved awakening to the sound of birdsong during lockdown and now want to give something back to nature, take part in a conservation project or go on a conservation holiday. Reduce the decline of the UK’s wildlife, maintain the upkeep of their natural habitats, and return farmland back to nature, on a sustainably-minded travel experience.

The idea is to encourage guests to bring a UK ecosystem back to its natural state through rewilding and regenerative farming. In return, you’ll have a calming experience engaging with nature, enhancing your wellbeing not to mention your all-round health.

Stay within a secluded nature reserve or grassland estate, in a farmhouse, cottage, or Shepherd’s hut. However, remember that you will need to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. If you’d just prefer some peace and quiet, opt for an isolation holiday.

Isolation Holidays for post-COVID Travel

Want to keep away from crowds and follow social distancing rules comfortably? Head for the hills and take a break off the beaten track. You could discover a heritage site in the UK, that you didn’t know existed. Otherwise, travel to one of the UK’s unique islands or archipelagos such as St Kilda or the Isle of Skye on the west coast of Scotland.

If you’re aiming for a holiday destination with lots of open space, you could also treat your four-legged friend to a dog walking holiday, for a scamp around in the countryside. He/she will be able to experience some new sights and aromas, while you have the perfect excuse to tuck into the best of Britain’s locally sourced cuisine.

Self Drive Holidays

Nova Scotia

If you want to escape to the open road, one of the many self-drive holidays in Canada could be for you. For instance, you could explore Nova Scotia. Two national parks and whale watching are just some of the attractions on offer! What is more, Canada has actually been endorsed as the ideal destination by many recently because it is especially suitable for social distancing.

It’s a fab destination for post COVID travel because you can avoid the crowds easily during a ‘fly-drive holiday‘. However, if you are keen on the idea of exploring while behind the wheel, but want to do so closer to home, you can also find just as many routes in the UK for an adventurous UK self-drive holiday.

Travelling through a country instead of over it also gives rise to options that support sustainable travel.

Sustainable Travel

When the world went into lockdown, nature was given an opportunity to breathe again as carbon dioxide levels dropped and overtourism was paused. Since then, a growing number of people have gained a passion for sustainable travel and care for the environment. To do so, look for options to minimise use of airline travel altogether. Look for options to explore a country by travelling through it via train, bicycle (bike-packing), or partly on foot.

This practice taps into a trend called slow travel. It is becoming ever more popular as it allows for more immersive experiences of a destination, and connections with the locals who call it home.

If you enjoy a cruise, you can do so sustainably too. Check out this surprising eco-friendly cruise ship.

Nostalgia Holidays

post covid trend group holidays

What was your favourite UK holiday destination as a child? Why not go back to that seaside town or countryside location and introduce it to the rest of the family?

Wander off to see if that sweet shop is still there or if the walk to the beach really is that long. Is your favourite café still there? If not, discover a new one. Either way, you’ll have lots of memories to share and new ones to make with your travelling companions!

Group holidays

Spend some much-needed time with family or friends. Think of the type of shared experiences to make up for lost time – why not consider an outdoor activity that you’ll all enjoy. When it comes to accommodation, there are lots to choose from in the UK, from a cosy cottage to a treehouse in a forest. You could even stay on a boat during an especially laid-back canal boat holiday!

Bucket List Breaks

Do you have dreams of ticking off a trip that’s top of your holiday wish list? Something special to celebrate, a milestone birthday, celebration, or anniversary? The last year may have been one you’d rather forget so make up for it by fulfilling your bucket list break of a lifetime! Fit in all of your favourite outdoor activities, accompanied with an attractive backdrop and some suitable accommodation and you’re ready to go!

You could even book your own tropical birthday bubble somewhere like The Maldives to keep in line with social distancing. Wherever you decide to go, to ensure you’re proved with financial protection book a package holiday and ensure it is ATOL protected.


post covid travel trends

A type of holiday close to home, which encourages you to be spontaneous! A minication is when you book a short break at the last minute. Why not allow yourself to indulge in a few throughout the year?  You could base yours on a hobby or interest, and meet some like-minded friends along the way.

Or go solo and immerse yourself in nature. Stay at a wellness retreat. We’ve touched upon minications within recent blogs, so here are a few ideas to add to your list…

Free Spirit’s Minication Suggestions:



A UK holiday or ‘staycation’ has been on top of many minds since the first lockdown. It’s simply a new name for what we Brits have been doing since the birth of the British railway, which took us to the coast to escape the cities. Staycations are now a popular option to help us escape home life.

They’re also a great alternative if you’re nervous about air travel or aren’t comfortable leaving Britain’s shores at the current time. Another great benefit is taking the opportunity to take your pick of unusual staycation accommodation and outdoor activities to do, to create a unique UK holiday.


Slightly longer than a staycation, change your scenery for weeks or months at a time, by relocating to a different part of the UK for an immersive holiday. During one month, learn about a village, town, or postcode by living like a local. Find some inspiring activities to do led by friendly, local experts who you’ll be supporting within the community. Yoga, sand surfing, and pottery making, there are plenty of options and you’ll be sure to make some new friends too.


After reflecting upon the post COVID travel trends for 2021, we feel it’s time to spend some time indulging in travel and hope we’ve inspired you to try something new. Whatever type of holiday you’re most drawn to and wherever that may be, don’t forget to take Free Spirit Travel Insurance along for the adventure with Coronavirus Cover included!

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