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Dog Friendly Places to visit on Holiday

The dog friendly places you usually take your dog for the day, may be appealing if you don’t want to travel too far from home but what about when you both want to venture somewhere new? Allow yourself to be more adventurous. Pinpoint some great places to walk the do, while on holiday instead!

There are many dog friendly places to visit across the UK. Each makes for a suitable visit at any time of the year. Plus, your dog will be delighted to join you, whatever the British elements have in store!

Going on a dog friendly holiday is also good for your health because watching your dog wag its tail and have a good time unconsciously makes you feel happy. Walking among nature is an opportunity to practice mindfulness too. Here, you will notice nature and wildlife in more detail.

However, before leaving home, you will need to consider the best dog friendly places you can eat at, stay in and visit along the way.

1: Can I take my dog to the beach?

Of course, it’s full of exciting smells and sounds! Plus, there are lots of dog friendly beaches to visit along the British coastline. Just remember to keep your dog cool and refreshed, their paws clear of any sharp objects and use the waste disposal bins provided.

Be mindful that only a small number of beaches will allow dogs to visit all year round. Some may even request that your dog remains on its lead during its visit. Things are more relaxed in the off-season (1st October – 30th April) when there are fewer people at the beach.

To find some good places to walk your dog, while you gaze across beaches and out to the ocean, click here.

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2: Which dog friendly activities can I do on holiday?

Try a dog friendly glamping holiday, perhaps in a forest setting. Or, on a warm day, cook up a meal on the BBQ! For a more active dog, a hike through a National Park in the autumn will provide him/her with lots of new scents and the sound of crunching leaves. You could also teach your dog a new skill on holiday, like Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). Easy for a smaller furry friend and a fun challenge for you to try too.

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3: Where are the best dog friendly places for a family day out?

English Heritage has over 150 properties which you and your dog can visit across the UK. They include castles, abbeys and ancient settlements, where you can learn about English history. If you keep your dog on a lead, most gardens, wildlife and country parks are also dog friendly.

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4: Are dogs allowed in pubs in the UK?

There are many dog friendly places to eat in across the UK because dogs are not prohibited in pubs and restaurants. This is of course at the discretion of the proprietor and dependant on food safety procedures that are in place. If you’re lucky, you may even find a pooch-friendly menu for your dog to enjoy a treat come rain or shine.

dog friendly places to eat


5: Can you book a dog friendly holiday cottage at the last minute?

There are lots of places to stay with dogs, from The Isle of Wight to remote locations in Scotland. So booking dog friendly accommodation at short notice should be possible. Just think about how long the drive is to your destination and if the distance will make your dog stressful. Whether you are going for a weekend break or a few weeks, Free Spirit UK Travel Insurance can cover your trip. Plus, if you have to cut your trip short, you will be covered for up to £5,000 towards loss of accommodation and pre-paid excursions.

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6: What should I take to a dog friendly holiday cottage?

  • Your dog’s bed and blankets to cover the sofa, chair or bed your dog will be lying on during his/her visit. This will reduce any marks, mud or hair your dog may leave in the cottage.
  • A folder with your dog’s medical information. So if he/she requires veterinary treatment while away, you have their details to hand.
  • Your dog’s lead, bowl, food, favourite toys and blankets or basket.
  • A poop-a-scoop or doggy bags to be a respectful visitor in the area.
  • A pre-packed pet first aid kit may also be useful.

dog friendly places to stay

7: Where are the most dog friendly places in the UK?

To provide you with some dog friendly holiday inspiration, read our blog entitled: The top 10 dog friendly holidays in the UK.

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