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Top Travel Podcasts to Download Now

Travel podcasts provide travel inspiration, up-to-date travel advice, and how to save money before, after, and during your break. The great thing about travel podcasts is that they can be listened to whenever you wish because they live online, can be downloaded and saved to any device. Find your favourite by downloading your favourite streaming app.

In this blog, we’ve found some of the best travel podcasts, which you can enjoy at your leisure. First, let’s look at the UK’s number one travel podcast…

Travel Diaries Podcastwhere to travel podcast

Are you familiar with Desert Island Discs? This is Holly Rubenstein’s travel version. She interviews celebrities who reveal their favourite destinations and travel experiences (rather than songs), which have shaped who they are today.

After downloading the Travel Diaries Podcast you’ll go on a journey of reflection while discovering new holiday destinations, recommended by the UK’s national treasures. Stars have included Sir Ranulph Finnes, Michael Palin, and Clare Balding.

Where to Go

Not sure where to travel after the pandemic? Where to go was produced in 2020 for people who had their holiday plans dismantled by Coronavirus. Created by the award-winning DK Eyewitness travel guides team, listen to local experts from different destinations. You’ll learn how the pandemic affected a destination, then raise a smile when understanding what makes it unique. From the best things to see and do – to what to listen out for – find somewhere special to explore in the UK and the world over.

The Big Travel Podcast

Travel journalist Lisa Francesca Nand will take you on a journey to discover a range of diverse characters’ when visiting interesting locations. From ordinary people to SAS soldiers, Paralympians to Politicians, each one shares their story of life through travel in The Big Travel Podcast. As a result, we learn how travel can inspire us; make us laugh, love, cry and carry on travelling. Recent podcasts have included trips to Marbella Old Town with a local tour guide, adventure travel in Costa Rica at the dawn of the pandemic and UK travel advice and updates.

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Amateur Traveller Travel Podcast

Want a travel podcast that’ll give you all the travel information and adventures you can do in a specific country? For 40-60 minutes the award-winning travel blog and podcast – Amateur Traveller – will focus on one destination. For instance, you can find the best road trips in America and where to go swimming with Whales in Tonga. Start listening to the newest, or flick back to listen to over 700 destination-themed podcasts and digest all the details at your leisure.

When listening to this travel podcast, it’s not hard to travel the globe from the comfort of your armchair…

Immersive Travel Podcasts

Armchair Explorer Podcast

armchair travel podcasts

Hear great travel stories from the world’s greatest adventurers, as travel broadcaster of the year 2021, Aaron Miller interviews each one. With his documentary-style travel podcasts, music, and cinematic effects, each provides you with an immersive travel experience. So relax, sit back and let each Armchair Explorer podcast take you away somewhere new.

You can dive to the depths of the ocean bed to see the Titanic, kayak the Kwanza River Angola or go for a spacewalk at the International Space Station. Also, subscribe to the newsletter for more travel tips and inspiration to add more adventure into your life!

Wanderlust Off The Page Travel Podcast

For another sensory journey that’ll recharge your mind and body download Wanderlust: Off the page travel podcast, which takes listeners to the best destinations that have appeared in the Wanderlust magazine.

Zero to Travel Podcast

Do you have the time and means to fill your life with travel? The Zero To Travel podcast could be for you! Even if you’re new to a life of travel, this podcast will inspire you to enhance your lifestyle by travelling more or even giving you the confidence to travel independently. Led by Jason Moore, each one-hour podcast shares the adventures of fellow explorers. From visually impaired cyclists who’ve taken on a 16,000 bike ride from Argentina, to people who have walked across America – all the way to Alaska. These adventures are truly free spirits!

Also included, are travel tips that focus on how to budget and travel safely. Another great place for tips like these from a recognised expert in the field is Simon Calder’s travel podcast…

man on mountain

Simon Calder’s Travel Podcasts

Independent Travel Podcast

Simon Calder is one of the most respected voices in travel due to his honest, no-nonsense travel advice, relaxed banter, and thought-out opinions – so download Simon Calder’s Independent Travel Podcast from Apple Podcasts. You’ll pick up the latest travel news updates, listen to discussions with travel experts, and learn everything about the world of travel. Recent podcasts have included ‘When’s the best time to book that trip to the US?’ and ‘what are your rights when it all goes wrong.’

You Should Have Been There

Calder also presents the more light-hearted You Should Have Been There with author/former BBC producer Mick Webb. You’ll feel like you’ve walked into a bar for a chat with a couple of knowledgeable but cheeky friends.

Solo Travel Podcasts

Go Solo LIVE!

listen to podcasts

Go Solo LIVE! Is a travel podcast to empower women to embrace solo travel. During nearly 100 podcasts, Jennifer Buchholz has spoken with women of all ages about their travel experiences.

She’s covered where they’ve been, what inspired them to travel, and what they learned about themselves pre, post, and during their trip.


There is plenty out there to listen to and from the above, you are sure to find something that appeals to you. If one of these podcasts inspires you to travel solo or book a break somewhere new, great! Just remember to travel with confidence by taking Free Spirit Travel Insurance.


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