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Free Spirit’s New Partnership with the Encephalitis Society

On Thursday 7th July our Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Customer Services Manager went to the Encephalitis Society’s Changemakers event in Mayfair. Here, they gained an insight into encephalitis and what The Encephalitis Society’s mission and vision are.


The encephalitis society logoWhat is Encephalitis and The Encephalitis Society?

Encephalitis is a serious neurological condition. It’s caused by an infection – or through the immune system attacking the brain. The consequences are death or, living with an acquired brain injury. Plus, life-changing concerns. Anyone can be affected at any time and death rates are high. Yet, there’s a lack of public and professional awareness of the condition.

The Encephalitis Society’s mission is to change this, by accelerating awareness of the condition and saving lives. Through driving research, a better future for people affected by the condition can be built.
As a non-profit authority, The Encephalitis Society leads the way with its vision. Also, its core values (passionate, inclusive, and changemakers), shape its work, culture, and who they want to partner with. This July they partnered with Free Spirit Travel Insurance.


Why is Free Spirit a recommended travel insurance provider of The Encephalitis Society?

Free Spirit can offer travel insurance to members of The Encephalitis Society to help them travel with confidence. Also, it has over 30 years of experience arranging insurance for people who travel with medical conditions.

In this time, Free Spirit has helped tens of thousands of people get insurance for that much-needed holiday. Plus, Free Spirit covers people travelling without medical conditions. This means that all family members (or travelling companions) are included in the same policy to ensure the entire party is fully covered.
Free Spirit believes that everyone has the right to travel with confidence. No matter their age, medical condition, or disability.

Free Spirits partnership with the Encephalitis Society


A quote from Jonathan Swatton, Customer Service Manager, Free Spirit

The team and I are very excited to be supporting the Encephalitis society. Plus the many people affected by this condition. Free Spirit is specifically designed to allow people with medical conditions to travel. By supporting the society, Free Spirit will not only raise awareness of encephalitis but help more people to travel with confidence.

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