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Top Greek Island Holidays for a Great Getaway

Greek island holidays are a great way to explore one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. If you’re a sun worshipper, get ready to embrace the heat on a Greek Island holiday between May-September. Travelling during a heatwave? Keep up-to-date with the extreme temperatures in Greece by registering on the Greek government’s Emergency Communication Service for emergency alerts. Also, the European Meteorological Services website provides a visual guide of where the hot spots are.

However, to join in with one of the most colourful and festive times on the Greek calendar – Apokries Carnival Season – book a Greek island holiday for an early spring break. This year the carnival celebrations will be running from the 19th – to the 26th of February.  While you’re there, embrace Greek culture by eating, drinking, and socialising, not to mention exploring ancient archaeological and cultural sites.

Whenever you choose to go, we’ve found the best Greek Island holidays to help you plan a getaway soon, from Odysseus’s kingdom of Ithaca to modern-day Cyprus. With 227 islands in total, we’ve included 13 of the best Greek islands to visit, which are suitable for couples and families. Will you sail around many magical islands or focus upon one? Here are our suggestions for a great Greek Island Holiday…


Find the best Greek Islands for families

One of the best Greek Islands for families, is Corfu (the island of Corcyra), not least of all because it is home to one of the best places to build a sandcastle: the Blue Flag Glyfada Beach. Another place to build a fortress of sand is Zante (Zakynthos), one of Greece’s Greenest Islands. On its northern tip is the not-to-be-missed Askos Stone Park nature reserve, where you may get to spot some turtles. To embrace turtle spotting, visit the largest of the seven Ionian Islands – Kefalonia. Here, endangered Caretta-Caretta turtles swim and nest. If you fancy a swim or a new water sport to try, spend a day at Skala beach – or just bob along the water on a banana boat.

With that in mind, if travelling by water is something you’d like to experience, consider sailing around a few Greek islands and embrace an island-hopping holiday!

turtle on Greek island

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Craft Your Own Greek Island hopping holiday

You’ll need to bring your sea legs for sailing holidays around the Greek Islands! It is a great way to take a trip at your own pace and create a great, Greek island hopping holiday. For example, fly into ancient Athens to visit the Temple of Olympian Zeus, before having a bite to eat at an urban bistro. Then board a ferry, for an adventure across the Aegean Sea! Refresh yourself in Andros – a magical island full of natural springs, nature trails, hidden hikes, and traditional villages. For superb sandy beaches, shopping, and a chance to dance the night away, dock in Mykonos: ‘The Island of the Winds’ … and parties.

We should also add that Mykonos has an abundance of five-star hotels. Although if you’ve been saving up for a luxury holiday, find yourself at a luxury Greek resort and relax…

Greek island hopping holidays

Stay in luxury hotels on the Greek Islands

Where can you find luxury Greek hotels and resorts? Some of the best are in Rhodes, Santorini, and Crete where you’ll receive a warm welcome with 5-star beachfront, boutique hotels, and authentic Greek spa resorts. Choose from an activity-filled break or opt for olive oil massages and thalassotherapy pools. Rhodes is one of the most interesting Greek islands. So, book a sightseeing tour to go back to Trojan times, after dining at a Michelin star restaurant. For stories of ancient Greece, set off to sunny Santorini and stay in a hotel overlooking the Skaros Fortress (the symbol of Santorini). To overlook the Gulf of Mirabello “with a beautiful view”, stay in Crete and admire the romantic view with your partner.

luxury Greek island holidays

Discover the best Greek Islands for couples

Looking for somewhere special to take your companion? There are a number of Greek islands for couples to choose from. Escape the crowds by starting an adventure in Astypalea. Home to just over 1,300 inhabitants, this location may help you create a quiet Greek island holiday. Also, it’s one of the most beautiful Greek Islands. Shaped like a butterfly, it offers many secluded beaches you can reach by car. To find another breathtaking island by car and causeway, escape to leafy Lefkada. Known as the “Caribbean of Greece’, it has an exotic ambience and wild nature. Many water sports and boat trips are also available, as well as a traditional Greek meal with the locals. For a romantic hideaway with waterfalls, stay in Ithaca to explore Odysseus Palace and stay in a lush villa…

Greek island holidays for couples

Treat yourself to villa holidays on the Greek Islands

Crete or Patmos are ideal locations to find a luxurious villa and go back in time, or embrace a slower pace of life. Book an apartment or a quiet townhouse with a view to capture the coastline or countryside. After visiting the market for supplies and supping a cool beverage with the locals, fire the BBQ up to create a charming summer scene with candles and alfresco dining. As the temperature cools, watch the sunset.

Greek villa


Travel Insurance for Greek Island Holidays

We hope we’ve inspired you to plan your own odyssey soon. Where will you go? Last minute or next winter, when you’re ready for your Greek island getaway remember to take Free Spirit Travel insurance for the adventure. With Coronavirus Cover included, give yourself have the freedom to travel around Greece’s islands at your leisure.

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