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Top Outdoor Activities to Enhance your Health on Holiday

Outdoor activities are a great way to keep active and put the spring back into your step. Have you been more active now the days have got longer? Whether being more active is your goal or not. There’s always an opportunity to give an outdoor activity ago while we’re away. On the other hand, if there’s an activity, you’re passionate about – or want to try – you could make it the focus of your trip!

If you’re looking for ideas to be more active throughout a holiday, we have a selection of outdoor activities to enhance your health and wellbeing. Some can be enjoyed during solo holidays. Others can be experienced while away with friends and family.

Outdoor activities for solo travellers


Embrace the fresh air during a solo cycling holiday. Discover easy rides, immerse yourself in the best scenery in Europe, follow off-road cycle loops, or find a flat, traffic-free track along a river, before stumbling upon a welcoming watering hole. While cycling with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, this low-impact outdoor activity will boost your wellbeing. Also, you’ll return home with an improved level of fitness. Once you’ve booked a trip, you’ll have the perfect excuse to prepare beforehand – learn how here.

solo outdoor activities

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Coastal walking holidays can be achieved around the UK and Irish coastline. For instance, Crawfordsburn Country Park in Northern Ireland has many accessible pathways. Plus, two blissful beaches to picnic upon after a ramble. If you want a more challenging walking holiday, a hike in the Cotswolds along the Cotswolds Way could be for you.

On balance, you could combine walking with wildlife watching and forest bathing. You could be forgiven for thinking the benefits of walking are minor. However, read our previous blog on the benefits of walking, where we go into the many advantages you can gain from such a pleasurable pursuit.

outdoor activity

Dog Walking

Although January is dog walking month, which may have encouraged you to get more active with your furry friend and fellow dog walkers. Continue this outdoor activity throughout the year. For starters, the mental health benefits of walking with your dog reduce the symptoms of stress and will keep the blues at bay. Read our previous blog on dog walking for inspiration if you travel with a furry friend.

dog walking

Outdoor activities for friends and family

Football and Frisbee

Taking your family on holiday? Remember the frisbee and football for an after-dinner game. These physical activities are not just fun but hugely beneficial to all members of your party.  You can engage and bond with family members you’ve not seen in a while. Also, you’ll receive a good workout – without being aware of the effort you’re putting in!

Plus, physically, playing football can help muscle development and enhance bone health, as well as improve sleep quality, coordination and balance. Frisbee is another fun option to improve flexibility, while strengthening your limbs and increasing bone density.

outdoor game of frisbee

Kayaking and Canoeing

Canoeing and kayaking holidays are a great family activity – best enjoyed when the sun’s out to top up your vitamin D. Just remember to put plenty of waterproof high-factor sun cream on.

Some of the sunniest destinations for kayaking and canoeing holidays can be found in Spain, Greece, and Croatia but remember to book into a beach club beforehand. You may even find that you enjoyed kayaking while away and wish to do it more often. This site will help you find your nearest paddling club in the UK, many of which support all abilities.

Overall, the activity itself will improve your hand-eye coordination, agility, and confidence on the water. For more adventure holidays to keep your family energised view our activity holidays blog.

Horse riding

Want an activity that’s sure to delight the whole family? Horse riding holidays are accessible for all abilities and disabilities, from the New Forest on the south coast to Perthshire, Scotland. Book into a B&B, log cabin or cottage, near the stables to slot in some guided lessons. With the appropriate footwear and clothing, you’ll be ready for an adventure holiday on horseback.

The benefits of horse riding are both physical and mental. They include an improvement in posture, balance, and coordination. Also your, confidence is given a boost from becoming a successful rider. Whoever you take for a holiday on horseback, everyone will feel a sense of achievement after learning how to control a horse when walking, leading, and dismounting.

outdoor horse riding


There are many family golf holidays and short weekend breaks that you can book in the UK and abroad. Just find a course suitable for beginners – or if your party is more experienced. There may even be more outdoor activities for children to enjoy too, for instance, a swim in an on site swimming pool or a visit to the spa.

That said, relaxing in a spa after a game of golf is very beneficial for the body. For example, while bathing in a jacuzzi, your muscles and central nervous system will relax due to the heat and massaging impact of the jets. Any stress in your joints will be relieved too.

golf summer outdoor activity


Enjoy Outdoor Activities with Free Spirit Travel Insurance

Whatever outdoor activity you try, remember that over 100 – including those above – are included as standard with a Free Spirit policy to ensure you stay active with confidence. Also, there is more than one activity pack available to add to your policy (for an extra premium) on both Super and Super Duper policies. A great addition, if you’re holidaying with energetic children or even more adventurous travelling companions!

View all the outdoor activities we cover and each activity pack here. Plus, view all the benefits of getting active by downloading our infographic.


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