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Specialist Travel Insurance for Veterans

Specialist Travel Insurance for WW2 Veterans

On Tuesday 4th June at 08:00, 25 D-Day veterans departed by ferry from Free Spirit’s closest city – Portsmouth – to France alongside a flotilla of vintage warships. These included Royal Navy patrol boats and WWII-era motor gunboat 81. Together, they were off to attend commemorations in Normandy with a commemorative torch for a vigil … Read more

How to reap the benefits of last-minute holidays

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A last-minute holiday is one way to plan a surprise for a loved one who needs a well-deserved break. Plus, they can be a great way to get more for your money – whether interest rates continue to fall (or not) over the next six months. Although future interest rates are never 100% certain, the … Read more

Your Guide to Germany during EURO 2024

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This is part 1 of a 2-part blog on Euro 2024 where we will look at all the stadia and host cities involved in EURO 2024. We’ll be paying particular attention to the venues where England and Scotland will play over the coming weeks. All prices referred to in the following paragraphs were correct at … Read more

Unique places to see a solar eclipse or natural phenomena

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Do you remember watching the solar eclipse of 1999 in the UK? There was a lot of excitement and publicity around it. Since then, to witness a natural phenomenon in the UK, such as the Northern Lights, you need to be in the right place at the right time. Perhaps north Scotland between September and … Read more

6 Reasons why a holiday can boost your mental wellbeing

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Are you looking for new ways to boost your mental wellbeing? Maintaining a positive mindset is something we have focused on since the pandemic. At Free Spirit, we enjoy lunchtime walks on beautiful grounds, where we can admire nature, strengthen our moods, and reduce fatigue.   Walking in nature and the fresh air is one way … Read more

What’s stopping you from your next wildlife adventure?

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Have you ever considered a wildlife adventure? Well, now might be the time to start. Currently, around 58% of European tour operators provide wildlife excursions. What’s more; these types of holidays are becoming increasingly more popular: 87% of Brits said that they would prefer to see animals in the wild than in captivity. Will you … Read more

UK Walking Holidays For Free Spirits To Embrace Nature

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UK walking holidays are a delightful option – especially when you wish to challenge yourself on holiday. A walking mini-break may improve your health too. Also, practicing mindfulness while walking down picturesque paths and beautiful bridleways can enhance your mood. Escape for a gentle weekend break or a two-week hike and you’ll soon build up … Read more

Free Spirit’s Top 10 City Break Ideas in Europe

City breaks are a popular holiday option for us Brits. In fact, within the last year, there was a 52% increase in people booking a European city break. Will you be one of them this year? You can visit a European city at any time of the year but visiting a European city is best … Read more

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