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Flying with a Disability or Medical Condition

Flying with a disability

In our previous blog, we gave an overview of the assistance that is available in and around airports for travellers with additional needs. Now we move on to the actual flight itself. How can you make a journey by air as straightforward and comfortable as possible when you are flying with a disability or medical … Read moreFlying with a Disability or Medical Condition

Airport Assistance: What is Available?

Travelling through the airport

It goes without saying that for many who have a medical condition or disability, the thought of travelling by air can be a source of anxiety and uncertainty. Airports themselves can present numerous stressful situations. Resolving these can make the difference between a pleasant travelling experience and an arduous journey. For this reason, many who … Read moreAirport Assistance: What is Available?

Overcoming barriers – travelling with a disability

Going on a spontaneous, last-minute holiday abroad sounds like the perfect excursion but it may be more difficult if you have a disability. Some countries take better care of travellers with a disability than others and it is important you conduct some research into which airports and destinations are more accessible than others. Here’s a … Read moreOvercoming barriers – travelling with a disability

Coping with travelling with disabilities

I have watched with interest a recent series on channel 4 (titled ‘No Go Britain’) and when there was an episode about airports and travel my attention peeked. In this instance there was specifically a sizeable amount of coverage relating to the difficulties that people with disabilities have when travelling (the focus here being on … Read moreCoping with travelling with disabilities

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