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Tips for travelling with Arthritis

man suffering from artritis pain

An extremely common condition, arthritis affects a huge number of people. Arthritis Research UK estimates that 17.8 million people in the UK live with a form of musculoskeletal condition, including arthritis in all its forms. This equates to nearly 30 per cent of the population.  Arthritis is one of the most common conditions we provide … Read moreTips for travelling with Arthritis

Our top ten European destinations to visit this autumn


Autumn is the perfect time of year to explore some of Europe’s most beautiful places without the hustle, bustle and cost that summer brings. With golden colours and crisp blue skies, you are just a short flight away from some of the most stunning architecture, delicious cuisine and cultural delights that Europe has to offer. … Read moreOur top ten European destinations to visit this autumn

Travelling with cystic fibrosis

Grand Central Station

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the one of UK’s most commonly inherited conditions. According to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, approximately 10,400 people in the UK have cystic fibrosis, and one in every 2,500 babies are born with the condition. If you have CF, your condition may affect you in many different ways. Whilst  an overseas trip … Read moreTravelling with cystic fibrosis

Travel with high cholesterol: what you need to know

Cholesterol image

Although it can be a largely hidden condition, high cholesterol is very common. The UK’s cholesterol charity, Heart UK, states that six out of every 10 people in the country have raised or abnormal blood cholesterol levels. However, as there are no obvious signs or symptoms of the condition many will have no idea they … Read moreTravel with high cholesterol: what you need to know

Why travelling without insurance is a bad idea

planning travel with a map

Planning a holiday is an exciting time. Thoughts naturally turn to the sights we’ll see, the food we’ll try and of course, what the weather will be like. We don’t tend to consider the things that could go wrong. While mishaps are unlikely, the consequences of events taking a turn for the worse while we’re … Read moreWhy travelling without insurance is a bad idea

Taking medicine on holiday with you

Taking medicine abroad feature

If you have a pre-existing health condition or disability that requires you to take prescribed medication, this will be high on your list of priorities when packing to go on your next holiday abroad. However, have you considered the fact that your medications may be restricted in your destination of choice? Many countries have different … Read moreTaking medicine on holiday with you

How to prevent skin cancer when travelling in the sun

Many of us wait all year for a chance to soak up the rays on a sunshine break. But as beneficial as the sun can be for our mood, it’s also potentially damaging for our skin. It’s therefore essential to take precautions ahead of and during a trip to sunnier climes. Figures from Cancer Research … Read moreHow to prevent skin cancer when travelling in the sun

Medical travel insurance claim costs

It’s hard to overstate the value of having travel insurance in place every time you head abroad for your well-earned holiday. As well as ensuring you receive the overseas medical care you need in the event of an emergency and arranging any repatriation (if medically necessary), it also offers you other benefits to protect you … Read moreMedical travel insurance claim costs

EHIC vs Travel Insurance – Everything you need to know

Here in the UK, Europe is our favourite continent to visit. A 2017 survey by The Economist found that nine of the 10 most popular holiday destinations for British travellers are in Europe, with Italy, France and Spain taking the top three spots. It’s not hard to understand why; European destinations are just a short … Read moreEHIC vs Travel Insurance – Everything you need to know

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