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What does holiday and travel insurance cover?

In most cases, standard holiday and travel insurance can be rather limited in what it covers. There can be many restrictions in terms of the medical conditions or disabilities that standard insurance will cover, and most standard policies will have an age limit. Free Spirit is proud to be different – we were the first … Read more

Destination guide: Spain

Don’t let your medical condition hold you back from visiting Spain The number of UK visitors travelling to Spain has hit record high numbers in recent years with 9.6 million people travelling to the European sunshine spot each year. It’s easy to see why – Spain is a short flight away with trips available from … Read more

Stroke Awareness Month

May marks Stroke Awareness Month, designed to raise knowledge about a condition which affects approximately 152,000 people each year. Here at Free Spirit, we aim to assist people who have suffered a stroke, enabling them to take holidays either in the UK or abroad with the knowledge that they have the right travel insurance in … Read more

Travel insurance terminology explained

What is the difference between ‘specialist’ and ‘standard’ travel insurance? As a specialist travel insurance provider, Free Spirit is dedicated to providing holiday insurance for people of all ages and cover for most medical conditions and disabilities (subject to medical screening) so that you have full protection both before and during your trip. This means … Read more

4th February is World Cancer Day 2017

World Cancer Day is a global event that takes place on 4th February every year that unites the world’s population in the fight against cancer. It aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising education & awareness about the disease, pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action. In the … Read more

29th September is World Heart Day 2016

World Heart Day on 29th September 2016 is the World Heart Federation’s (and the world’s!) biggest platform for raising awareness about Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs). CVDs are diseases of the heart or blood vessels, commonly referred to as heart disease or stroke. A lot of the lifestyle choices for better heart health may seem obvious, but … Read more

Mary Holt celebrates her 70th birthday

On August 9th 2016, Free Spirit celebrated the 70th birthday of one of their longest serving members of staff, Mary Holt (Manager) who joined in June 2000. Since then, Mary has received much praise from the clients she has helped to arrange travel cover for, allowing them to enjoy breaks and holidays. Awards for ‘Personal … Read more

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