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Countries on the Quarantine list

Europe skyline banner - is your destination on the quarantine list?

The UK Quarantine List. It’s bemusing. So, our guides are just what you need. We have created an at-a-glance table and guide to share the European destinations that are safe and convenient to visit. September 2021 – While the information below was accurate and well received at the time, lots has changed. See our recent … Read more

Flying: Will Face Masks be Compulsory?

Do you need a face mask to fly?

Now that COVID travel restrictions are beginning to ease around the world, we can begin to think about flying as a possibility again soon. However, it is clear that some things will have to change to ensure everybody’s safety. One question on every traveller’s lips: “will I need to wear a face mask to fly?” … Read more

Brexit – An Update From Our Underwriters

Brexit banner

The communication below has been issued by Travel Insurance Facilities Ltd. in light of Brexit: We are working to ensure that business continues as usual, no matter the outcome leading up to the 31st October 2019.  We are continuing to monitor the outcome of Brexit negotiations and the influence these will have on the travel … Read more

Passports – Some Interesting Facts…

The passport is a great leveller. Everyone needs one for travel (apart from the Queen, as all British passports are issued in her name). Whenever you’re going, wherever you’re going, you’ll need to bring your passport! The history of the passport is older than you might think, with the earliest known references dating from 450 … Read more

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