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What start date should I choose?

Cancellation cover begins on the date you choose to start your policy. If you already have a trip booked and you want to be covered immediately, you should select today’s date. You can choose to start your policy later (up to 31 days from today’s date) but there would not be any cancellation cover between now and the start date you choose.

Under an Annual Multi-trip policy, can children travel independently of an insured adult?

No. Adults may travel independently but children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an insured adult.

Can I extend my policy if I am abroad and want to stay over the maximum trip limit?

We are not able to extend the Annual Multi-trip policy. The maximum duration for any one trip is 31 days (Super) and 45 days (Super Duper).

If you exceed the maximum trip duration, any claims during your holiday will not be covered.

Am I covered for trips in the UK?

Yes, provided you have at least two nights pre-booked accommodation.

How many times can I travel and how long can each trip be?

You can travel as often as you like within the 12 month period. There is a limit of 31 days (Super) and 45 days (Super Duper) for any one trip.

What are the Geographical Areas on an Annual Multi-trip policy?

You will not be covered if you travel outside the area you have chosen, as shown on your Policy Schedule.

Europe – all countries west of the Ural Mountains including: Andorra, the Azores, Balearics, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Corsica, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Iceland, Isle of Man, Madeira, Malta, Republic of Ireland, San Marino, Sicily, Tunisia, Turkey and the United Kingdom

Worldwide – excluding Canada, Caribbean, China, Hong Kong, USA, Afghanistan, Liberia and Sudan but including Australia, New Zealand, Egypt & Israel.

Worldwide – including Canada, Caribbean, China, Hong Kong and USA but excluding Afghanistan, Liberia and Sudan.

Full details of countries covered are shown under ‘Geographical Areas’ in the ‘Definition of Words’ on page 5 in the Insurance Policy.

Is there an age limit on Annual Multi-trip policies?

There is no upper age limit.