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I already have a policy but have recently been diagnosed with a new medical condition, what should I do?

If there is a change in health of anyone insured under an existing policy you must contact our Medical Screening Service on 02392 419 080 as soon as possible. We will tell you if your change in health will affect your insurance and if cover can continue.

If your health changes after you purchased your policy but before you commence your trip (or in the case of Annual Multi-trip cover before booking your next trip) or pay the balance or any further instalments for your trip, you must tell us about these changes, if:

• you have seen a medical practitioner because you develop a new medical condition, your prescribed medication changes or an existing medical condition deteriorates;

• you have seen or been referred to a consultant or specialist;

• you are waiting to receive treatment (including surgery, tests or investigations) or the results of tests and investigations, or have been admitted to hospital.

We will then tell you if we can cover your medical condition(s) free of charge or for an additional premium.

If we cannot cover your medical condition(s), or you do not want to pay any additional premium quoted, we will give you the choice of either:

• making a cancellation claim for any pre-booked trips; or

• cancelling your policy and receiving a proportionate/partial refund, provided that you have not made a claim or are about to.

A change in health includes any changes to your health which you are aware of and for which you may need to seek professional medical advice, any new medical conditions or symptoms which may or may not yet have been diagnosed, changes to any existing medical condition already declared or a change to your treatment or prescribed medication (which can include a change in dosage which may be an increase or decrease in the amount of medication that you take) or you are waiting for tests or test results, or have been placed on a medical waiting list.

If you are not sure whether something is relevant you must tell us anyway.

In 2 week’s time I will have finished my treatment, can I say ‘no’ to the question concerning ongoing treatment?

No, you must declare the position as of today.

Are you able to quote and provide cover for a condition that has not yet been diagnosed?

We can only medically screen a condition that has been diagnosed by the medical profession and therefore, we cannot provide a quote or offer cover until such time as your medical condition has been diagnosed.

I’m taking medication to control my medical condition; do I still need to declare it?

Yes, the Underwriters need to be aware of all medical conditions including those that are under control by medication. This is important as otherwise a claim may be invalidated if medical conditions are not disclosed.

I am on a waiting list for treatment/investigation, can I apply for cover?

No. However please contact us on 0800 170 7704 once treatment/investigation has been completed so that we can review whether cover can be provided. We are open Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm, closed Bank Holidays.

Can I buy a policy if I have a terminal condition?

We cannot cover terminal conditions on this website as we need to provide you with an individual assessment. Please contact us on 0800 170 7704 and we will discuss your requirements to see if cover can be provided. We are open Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm, closed Bank Holidays.

What existing medical condition(s) do I need to declare?

So that you (and anyone to be insured under Free Spirit) can be covered for existing medical condition(s), you must include all relevant medical history as shown below.

A: any respiratory condition (relating to the lungs or breathing); heart or heart related condition; circulatory condition (relating to the blood or circulation); kidney or renal condition; liver condition; condition relating to the pancreas (e.g. diabetes); cerebral or neurological condition (relating to the brain); stroke or central nervous system disorder; for which you have received treatment (including prescribed medication).

B: any malignant condition e.g. cancer for which you have received any diagnosis or treatment (including prescribed medication).

C: any medical condition for which you have received surgery, inpatient or outpatient treatment or had any tests or investigations in a hospital or clinic or have been seen by a specialist consultant within the last 2 years.

D: any psychiatric or psychological condition for which you have received any diagnosis or treatment (including prescribed medication).

Why do I need cover for existing medical condition(s)?

Medical costs abroad can be very expensive especially if you have to be repatriated home. Without appropriate insurance cover you could be left severely out of pocket. You must therefore read the ‘Medical Warranty’ that is shown as you progress through this website in getting a quote and to accurately declare all medical conditions. If you give incorrect answers or forget to tell us about a medical condition, this could lead to a claim not being paid.