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Specialist Travel Insurance for Veterans

Specialist Travel Insurance for WW2 Veterans

On Tuesday 4th June at 08:00, 25 D-Day veterans departed by ferry from Free Spirit’s closest city – Portsmouth – to France alongside a flotilla of vintage warships. These included Royal Navy patrol boats and WWII-era motor gunboat 81. Together, they were off to attend commemorations in Normandy with a commemorative torch for a vigil … Read more

How Free Spirit’s Call Centre Differs from Others

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Call centres operate to provide telecommunications or a service, such as receiving incoming calls or offering support and advice. Each call centre will differ depending on its industry, purpose, and responsibility. At the same time, each member of the call centre team is responsible for communicating effectively with people to provide a high level of … Read more

Free Spirit Travel Insurance Has A Kind-Hearted Team

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Our team aims to maintain a kind-hearted and sympathetic attitude while communicating with each customer. From understanding a customer’s wants, needs, and any challenges they may face during the customer journey – they aim to help. To ensure all our customers can source a suitable travel insurance policy, which they can put their hands on … Read more

Dee and Graham’s Travel Diary for 2023

A travel diary is one way to remember all the destinations we’ve visited. They are great for recreating the exciting events we’ve seen while away from home too. Do you keep one? Perhaps with some momentos from your adventures? Our free-spirited travellers Dee and Graham visited a number of destinations in 2023. Including the holiday … Read more

How does Free Spirit provide an empathetic service?

Empathy or being empathic can be a hard skill to master.  Especially when you’re in a challenging situation or listening to day-to-day challenges other people face. Our Free Spirit team listen to people each day, hearing the challenging medical conditions/disabilities they live with. Some treatable. Others a battle. Whatever the medical condition or disability, our … Read more

A Trip Out with The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans

A Trip Out with The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans banner

On Tuesday 4th July Free Spirit specialist Jan and past team leader Mary motored off to Worthing’s Pavilion Theatre. They had been invited by the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans to attend their latest event for ex WWII veterans as a thank you for supporting the charity. As long time champions of the charity, this … Read more

Pandemic? “It’s busy being a retiree!”

pandemic and retirement

Remember Dee and Graham? They’re two Free Spirits who’ve continued to travel as much as possible during the Coronavirus pandemic. When we last shared their travel journey Corona was only ever thought of as a beverage. However, now the time has passed, we wanted to catch up with them to hear where they’ve ventured in … Read more

How Free Spirit Provides Helpful Customer Service

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Helpful customer service is something we focus upon during our training and when we interact with each customer. Here’s a case study to illustrate how the Free Spirit team provides helpful customer service… Mr. Elliot is enjoying life in his early 20’s. He lives with learning disabilities and some health issues. With a UK holiday … Read more

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