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Slipped Disc Travel Insurance

The spine is made up of 26 bones stacked on top of each other joining the base of the skull and the coccyx, or tailbone. Between each of the spinal bones is a soft disc of cartilage that supports and cushions the spine – it is these discs that can move out of position, which is known as a slipped, prolapsed, or herniated disc.

Travelling when you have or have had, a slipped disc requires a little more care than usual. With the protection offered by slipped disc travel insurance, there’s no reason why you cannot have the holiday you want.

Do I really need travel insurance for a slipped disc?

Although a slipped disc will often improve on its own without the need for treatment, it’s always possible for it to recur, and without warning. A long-awaited trip away can be greatly impacted by an unexpected back problem like a slipped disc and will cause further distress if it requires potentially expensive overseas medical care or an extra flight home after a stay in hospital.

Having travel insurance for a slipped disc in place can save you from these costs should your condition worsen or reoccur while you’re away. It gives you many other non-medical travel benefits too. For example, our slipped disc travel insurance includes cover for your travel money and travel documents against loss, theft, and damage, and cover for the costs associated with missed and delayed flights. It includes cancellation cover too, which means that you wouldn’t be left out of pocket for flights and/or accommodation costs if a slipped disc prevented you from being able to take your trip as planned*.

Our travel cover, including our slipped disc travel insurance, differs from that offered by standard travel insurance providers. It’s designed specifically to cover people with existing health conditions, who may struggle to find cover elsewhere.

*Cover is subject to the terms, conditions, and limits of the Insurance Policy.

Getting slipped disc travel insurance

We can provide no-obligation quotes for slipped disc travel insurance in just a couple of simple steps. You can apply online using our easy-to-use online application system or you can speak to a member of our friendly, UK-based team by calling us on 02392 419 080.

So that we can give you the most suitable quote, we’ll ask you a bit about your slipped disc and how it affects you. These questions might include:

  • In the last five years, has your slipped disc affected your ability to wash, dress or feed yourself?
  • Do you take pain relief daily for your slipped disc?
  • Have you had surgery and/or injections into your back and/or neck in the last 12 months?
  • Are you awaiting any further scans, injections or surgery for your back or neck?

Tips for travelling with a slipped disc

If you have recently had a slipped disc, or you still experience pain and/or discomfort due to a previous episode, it’s worth consulting with your GP before making any bookings. It may be that your travel plans won’t need amending at all, but your doctor may recommend that you avoid some activities, to minimise the risk of causing damage to your neck or back.

Make sure you have enough medication to cover your time away; if you have a prescription, your doctor will be able to provide an extra supply. Consider taking more than enough medication with you and splitting it across your luggage, this way you won’t be left without pain relief if you were to be separated from any of your bags.

When it comes to luggage, choose cases that have wheels, which will be much easier for you to transport. If you’re flying to your destination, you can also pre-arrange assistance at the airport should you need it. Speak to your airline about help getting to your gate and/or early boarding and see if you can secure an aisle seat or one with extra legroom.

Having said that, try not to sit for too long at a time when you’re in the air; it’s important to keep moving when you have a slipped disc. Move around the cabin as often as possible and try to avoid falling asleep, which could leave you in pain if you shift into an uncomfortable position.

It’s a good idea to stay relatively active throughout your holiday too. Try to move around often, even if you’re relaxing on the beach.

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While many standard travel insurance companies decline to cover pre-existing conditions such as a slipped disc, a specialist provider like Free Spirit is dedicated to offering medical travel cover. Our travel insurance can cover people of any age with medical conditions*.

In many parts of the world it often does not take much to run up large medical costs, should the unexpected happen.  Therefore, Free Spirit travel insurance specifically designed to cover slipped disc is essential. You need to be certain that you will be able to access the healthcare you might need wherever your travels take you, and that you won’t be left with the bill. Our policy also provides, as standard, cover for cancellation, repatriation, cutting short your trip, personal possessions, passport & documents, travel delay, and missed connections.

Contact us today to find out more about our travel insurance for a slipped disc. You can apply for a no-obligation quote online or, if you’d rather speak to someone, call our friendly team of UK-based travel insurance specialists on 02392 419 080.

*subject to terms, conditions, and limits of the insurance policy.

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