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Down’s syndrome travel insurance

Down’s syndrome is a genetic condition that occurs due to an extra chromosome in a person’s cells. In most people, there are 23 pairs of chromosomes in every cell of the body, one of each pair from their mother, and the other from their father. In people with Down’s syndrome, there is a full or partial additional chromosome 21, which is why the condition is sometimes called trisomy 21.

It’s a common condition; one in every 1,000 babies born will have Down’s syndrome. In the UK, there are roughly 40,000 people with the condition. People with Down’s syndrome generally lead very full and active lives and this extends to travel too. Having Down’s syndrome needn’t have any bearing on your ability to travel abroad on holiday but it does mean that having a specialist travel insurance policy in place for your trip is essential.

Why do I need specialist travel insurance for Down’s syndrome?

The way that Down’s syndrome affects a person’s health is different for everyone. However, it’s vital to take out travel insurance for Down’s syndrome that includes cover for the condition itself, and all the associated health problems that could impact your trip. Overseas healthcare can be very costly but travel insurance can save you from having to pay for any treatment a traveller might need that’s linked to Down’s syndrome*.

Many standard travel insurance providers may refuse to cover health conditions or disabilities, including Down’s syndrome. This is where, with the majority of inquiries, specialist providers like Free Spirit can help.  We aim to give everyone the chance to travel abroad including those with Down’s syndrome and any associated health problems. Cover starts from the moment you take out your policy in the case of  single trip cover, and in the case of an annual multi-trip policy, the cover is valid from the start date of the policy. This means that should you need to cancel in the run-up to your holiday, you won’t lose out on the money you’ve already spent* on accommodation and/or flights.

Our travel insurance for Down’s syndrome also includes many other non-medical aspects of cover, to ensure your party is covered if someone can’t travel back home as planned or if anyone loses luggage, medication, or passports, for example. You can see a full list of what’s included with our cover here.

Free Spirit can cover your entire travelling party on one policy, even if they do not have any health conditions or disabilities. So, you can take out travel insurance for any traveller’s with Down syndrome, and it will include cover for everyone else who is travelling too.

*Cover is subject to the terms, conditions, and limits of the Insurance Policy.

Arranging specialist travel insurance for Down’s syndrome

As long as everyone’s doctors have said that they are happy for them to travel, and they are not on a waiting list for surgery, having inpatient treatment or waiting for tests or test results, we hope to be able to offer travel insurance for Down’s syndrome, with no upper age limit.

We aim to make the process of taking out Down’s syndrome travel insurance quick and simple. We’ll ask some questions about their condition, and this will help us create a policy that’s especially suited to them.

If you’d prefer, you can apply for travel insurance for Down’s syndrome online, or if you’d rather speak to one of our friendly team over the phone, you can call 02392 419 080.

We’ll make sure you understand exactly what is included with our Down’s syndrome travel insurance, as well as how to get help while on holiday, and what to do if you need to make a claim.

Advice for travelling with Down’s syndrome

As we mentioned before, the main thing to ensure before you travel is that everyone’s doctor is happy for them to travel. Try to get this assurance well in advance of when you want to take your trip, and before you make any bookings.

Each person’s doctor will tell them if they need to take any extra health precautions before their holiday, such as vaccinations or to keep any associated symptoms under control. You may need extra supplies of medication while you’re away too, as you may not be able to get what you need overseas.

Take time to plan your journey to and from your destination, and remember to let your airline know of your party’s healthcare needs if you plan to fly. You might feel more comfortable when things are not too far from your normal routine, so think about taking a holiday that will allow you to stay within your comfort zone.

As for where to go on holiday, you may already have a destination in mind, but if not, there are specialist travel companies created for people with Down’s syndrome and other disabilities. These organisations can help you enjoy a trip away that includes all the support you need, with specially designed activities and accommodation.

There’s more information and support for people with Down’s syndrome on the Down’s syndrome Association website.

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