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Specialist travel insurance for anxiety

Travelling on holiday with a mental health condition, such as anxiety, can be difficult. With many standard travel insurance policies refusing to cover pre-existing medical conditions, the worry about what you would do if you needed emergency medical assistance while away can only add to the stress that you are feeling.

That’s where Free Spirit can help. We are proud to offer specialist travel insurance for anxiety sufferers, providing you with the peace of mind that you need.

What does specialist travel insurance for anxiety cover?

There are two main benefits to having Free Spirit specialist travel insurance in place. Firstly, we provide cover from the moment you take out your policy*. If you have a particularly bad bout of anxiety and feel that you cannot go on your holiday and need to cancel the trip, Free Spirit will allow you to recoup some of the costs you have already spent. We will also cover your travel companions too if they have been included in your insurance.

While you’re on holiday, our travel insurance allows you to seek medical assistance if you fall ill or have an accident. Having to go to the doctor or to the hospital while abroad can be incredibly expensive, so having travel insurance in place means you don’t have to feel worried that seeking help is not something you can do.

*Please note if you take out an Annual Multi-trip policy you will be covered from the date that you start your policy.

How do I get cover for my anxiety?

At Free Spirit, we aim to make it as simple as possible for you to get specialist travel insurance. We don’t make you undertake a medical examination or request notes from your doctor. Instead, our friendly team of experts are available on the phone to ask you a short series of questions about your anxiety. This allows us to understand your condition a little more and find the right policy for you.

Call our phone line on 02392 419 080.

Alternatively, you can complete the process online.

Here are the typical questions we will be asking someone seeking specialist travel insurance for anxiety:

  • Are you on any medication for this condition?
  • Have you been treated for depression in the last 3 years?
  • Has the condition ever caused you to cancel or cut short a planned trip?

Travelling with anxiety

According to the charity Anxiety UK, anxiety affects around 5 people in every 100. It’s a condition which has been discussed more and more in recent years, with initiatives such as the ‘Heads Together’ campaign raising awareness of what can be a debilitating condition.

Travelling when you suffer from anxiety can be challenging, but the key is to be prepared.

For some people, the travel – particularly if you are flying – is a key source of anxiety. Medication is available to help and therapies such as meditation and deep breathing can help to keep you as calm as possible.

When away on holiday ensure that you stay hydrated and relaxed. Take the time to rest and allow your body to lose some of the anxious stress you have no doubt been building up.

Anxiety shouldn’t stop you from being able to enjoy your life and that includes holidays and travel.

With Free Spirit’s specialist travel insurance for anxiety it’s one less thing to worry about.

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