Obtaining quotes for travel insurance over the ‘phone is usually a long, drawn-out and miserable experience. What a difference with Free Spirit Travel Insurance! In place of the expected ‘going solely for the facts’ combined with a disinterested hard tone of voice, I was so impressed by the compassion and interest that my operator, Sue, showed in helping me get through the questions. It transformed a long and laborious process into a light, cheerful and even an enjoyable one! Now, how many times can you say that about Insurance …! A real and tangible experience of a company, P.J. Hayman & Co. Ltd. on behalf of Free Spirit Insurance, going out of its way to genuinely tailor a policy to cover my specific circumstances and needs. I would recommend P.J. Hayman & Co. Ltd./Free Spirit Insurance to anybody, simply on its service alone … and I have only just asked for the quote so far!

D.M.United Kingdom