I have just returned from holiday and wanted to pass on some feedback regarding one of your team members Betina Carter. I needed to contact yourselves the day before my holiday was due to commence as my medical circumstances had changed in the last number of hours. This was extremely last minute and very difficult for me to get my medical records updated in time for travelling.

Your member of staff, Betina explained to me exactly what was required and even stayed on after her shift had finished on a Friday afternoon so that my details could be updated. I could not get a doctor’s appointment until 5.00pm and Betina had to wait until 5.45pm for my phone call to update my insurance!

The bottom line is that if Betina had not stayed later after her shift I would not have gone on holiday! All this was done with absolutely no fuss or big deal being made about anything!

So please pass on my thanks once again to Betina for going the extra mile with someone that she may never even speak to again!!

T. HeaneyBangor