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It is heartening to find an insurance company which does not discriminate against older travellers. We are extremely pleased with the insurance we have been offered and with the way the phone conversation was conducted. We feel we can travel now in full confidence.

R and C Gilesarea witheld

Holiday travellers with medical conditions, look no further than ‘Free Spirit’. After trying five other companies with little satisfaction I came across Free Spirit. I spoke immediately to a real person who took me through screening with courtesy, sensitivity and efficiency giving me all the security I needed and most importantly, a realistic price. Couldn’t be better!

D. PlantSheffield

I have today received your cheque regarding my claim for loss of money. I can only say that your service is brilliant! I posted my claim, 2nd class on the 14th February and received the cheque on the 19th. No follow ups or delays as so many people experience with other companies. It is such a nice experience to send such a message, many thanks.

B. H. BroomEssex

I would like to say how good it is to deal with an insurance company that is prompt and efficient in its dealings with its customers. Especially as there is so much in the papers about problems with insurance companies who ‘drag their feet’. Whilst it certainly wasn’t a pleasure to have to cancel our holiday, it has been a pleasure dealing with your Free Spirit Claims team.

A. R. BowenKent

I thought I would let you know that my wife and I have chosen to use Free Spirit travel insurance over the last 6 years, because their policy was easy to understand and very clear at what you are covered for. Their website is so easy to use and their quotes are value for money. The reason I say this is that a lot of over companies are not too clear on what you are getting and can be complicated when getting a quote.

Free Spirit has a good customer service, although I do everything through their website. Their medical screening on-line is very easy to use and from what I have seen it is very accurate on all known medical conditions. My advice to anyone is to be truthful when you answer the medical screening questions, as you do get the best quotes for anyone who has medical problems. Other companies always find a way out of paying out when claims are made, this is why we like Free Spirit travel insurance because the policy is very clear and not complicated to understand, not like other policies.

We highly recommend Free Spirit travel insurance to anyone with medical conditions and we will continue to use them in the future.

A. ClarkPlymouth

It’s important for me to have peace of mind when travelling overseas. With Free Spirit I am secure in the knowledge that not only am I covered for my medical condition, but that my family also has appropriate cover.


I use Free Spirit for both my business and personal travel and have always found its service to be of a very high standard.

Director, Communications AgencyLondon

Credit where it is due, in this day and age where positive comments are rarely expressed, Eileen really is an excellent advertisement for your company. From the moment she first picked up my call, her professional but charming manner had me hooked into purchasing the product I was enquiring about. To me, it was obvious that her extensive training had been pinpointed towards customer satisfaction and offering information in easily understandable chunks at a speed that kept the process to a minimum. “Pride in her performance” should be rewarded. Well done!

Alanarea withheld

I would recommend Free Spirit for their excellent value medical condition travel insurance.

R. WilleyYelverton

Last year my travel insurance went up by one-third just because I was 70 and when I asked my previous Insurer why, I was told I was more likely to have a claim! I have been travelling back and forward to Norway for 8 years to visit family and have never yet had a claim. I was thrilled when I was booking my latest flight to find a link to Free Spirit and found my premium was much cheaper even though I have several pre-existing medical conditions. I also had “a senior moment” when completing my medical history and missed one out. When I called Free Spirit I was told they would cancel the existing policy, refund the premium and just re-apply. My premium was back in my bank account in less than a week (this was due to a weekend being in between). Thank you Free Spirit for not penalising your older travellers

A. PirieWest Lothian

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