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Travel insurance for over 70s

While advancing in years can give you more time and opportunity to explore the world, the irony is that older travellers can often struggle to find the travel insurance that would enable them to do so. Holiday and travel insurance for over 70s can be hard to secure, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition or disability, or if you want to travel further afield than Europe.

Many standard policies exclude customers over 70 simply due to their age. Even if a policy is offered, some travel insurance providers will omit cover for existing health conditions or disabilities.

Specialist holiday insurance over 70

Here at Free Spirit, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to travel wherever they want to, no matter what age they are, which is why we designed our over 70s travel insurance policy.

Our specially trained team will be more than happy to assist you in arranging over 70s travel cover suited to your individual requirements. We have no age limits on either single trip or annual multi-trip travel insurance policies so, if you’re over 70, there’s nothing to stop you from travelling the world and seeking out new holiday destinations.* Long stay travel insurance if you’re over 70 is possible too!

For example, we can offer specialist travel insurance for a week in Majorca or, if you’re planning on visiting relatives in Australia for a month, our cover for the over 70s can provide for that as well. Our single trip policy has a maximum trip duration of up to 94 days, or 45 days if you’re aged 76 or over.

You can even take more than one trip with our annual multi-trip cover. In fact, you can travel as many times as you like throughout the year! With Super cover you can travel for a maximum of 31 days per trip and 45 days per trip if you select Super Duper cover.

*In certain cases we can only offer single trip policies.

travel insurance over 70s

Each of our policy options for travel insurance over 70 includes cover for cancellation and emergency medical expenses as well as many additional features to ensure cover is as comprehensive as possible.

You are covered for aftercare at home following hospitalisation, personal accident, personal liability, the loss or theft of money and/or documents, missed or delayed departure, legal expenses and even a winter sports option.

One of the key benefits to our over 70s travel insurance is cover for the loss of or damage to your medical aids and prescribed medication. Should this happen while you are away you can be safe in the knowledge our 24-hour medical emergency assistance helpline will be on hand to help.

Cover for you and your travelling companions too

One of the best aspects of our travel insurance for over 70s is that you can cover whoever you’re travelling with on the same policy, including family, friends and carers, whether or not they have a pre-existing medical condition. With your whole travelling party included under your specialist over 70s insurance, everyone would be covered if you had to cancel your holiday due to your medical condition, which may not be the case if they each took out travel cover elsewhere.

Why choose Free Spirit for travel insurance over 70?

  • Single trips covered up to 94 days (45 days if you’re aged 76 years or over)
  • Annual multi-trip cover provides unlimited number of trips – travel up to 32 days per trip (Super) or 45 days (Super Duper)
  • Fully interactive website including online medical screening
  • Extended journey disruption cover (Super Duper cover only)
  • End supplier failure insurance(Super Duper cover only)
  • Cover for loss or damage to medical aids and prescribed medications

Click here to read a full list of reasons to choose Free Spirit.

Please read the insurance policy for the full terms and conditions of our over 70s travel insurance to make sure it’s suitable for your needs.

Travel insurance for over 70s with pre-existing medical conditions

On top of all the aspects of cover we’ve already mentioned, we can also tailor our travel insurance to cover a huge range of existing medical conditions and disabilities. Unlike many other travel insurance providers, cover with our over 70s travel insurance with medical conditions includes:

How can I get over 70s travel insurance?

At Free Spirit, we customise each travel insurance policy we offer to suit the unique health needs of our customers. This means that we need to ask you about your existing medical conditions or disabilities and about your holiday plans in order to create an over 70s travel insurance policy specifically for you.

You can apply for a free, no-obligation quote for over 70s holiday cover via our website, which includes an easy-to-use online medical screening process.

Please let us know about all of your existing medical conditions when you contact us so that you can be fully protected should you need to make a claim. We recommend having all relevant medical information to hand when you are applying for a quote so you can accurately answer all the questions.

Always remember, we provide travel insurance for all ages. So when you reach your 80’s we can continue to give you the freedom to travel with confidence.

Further advice on travel insurance for over 70’s

Do you want to know more about travel insurance for the over 70s? We’ve found and put together some extra resources all about over 70s travel insurance with medical conditions, or if you’d prefer, please contact us to find out more.

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Also, from guides to buying travel insurance online, through to the best times to buy medical travel cover – this over 70s travel resource has everything you need to know before you go on holiday.


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