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Free Spirits Guide to Wildlife Watching in the UK

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Wildlife watching provides an opportunity to sit back and immerse ourselves in nature. Is there an animal you’d like to watch; like a rare bird, nocturnal creature, or an insect? Make a start by observing what’s in your garden and watch the wildlife who live outside your home. Although the temperature has dropped and the … Read more

6 Magical Places for Top Christmas Shopping Trips

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This year, forget the internet and its online shops galore. Find a magical place for your Christmas shopping trip instead. There are plenty of traditional towns for Christmas shopping trips in the UK. On the other hand, if you want to rediscover the magic of Christmas choose an exotic destination on either side of the … Read more

Why travelling with insurance is a good idea

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Travelling with insurance has always been a wise thing to do. Although it’s never been the most exciting item on our holiday kit list, (among the sights we’ll see and foods we’ll taste). Travelling with insurance is important. Although, COVID and travel restrictions no longer stop us from exploring, taking out suitable travel insurance for … Read more

How to plan a holiday in Japan to ensure peace of mind

Are you curious about Japan? Wish to experience its bustling cities, soak up Japanese culture and learn more of its rich history? Like traditional Ryokans that nestle between modern skyscrapers, Japan has a whole spectrum of culture to enjoy. Plenty to fill any traveller’s bucket list. With colourful seasons to embrace, delicious food options to … Read more

UK Stargazing Holidays Under A Dark Sky

UK Stargazing Holidays Under A Dark Sky banner

Stargazing holidays in the UK give you the time to observe the stars clearly across a dark sky and reconnect with nature. As the days get shorter and dusk turns to night, these longer nights give us the chance to stand back and admire the twinkling of stars, constellations and planets. For a closer look … Read more

Tips for travelling with Arthritis

man suffering from artritis pain Travelling with arthritis

Arthritis is an extremely common condition and affects a huge number of people. Arthritis Research UK estimates that 17.8 million people in the UK live with a form of musculoskeletal condition, including arthritis in all its forms. This equates to nearly 30 per cent of the population.  Arthritis is one of the most common conditions … Read more

The ETIAS Travel Authorisation – How does it affect me?

ETIAS stands for: European Travel Information and Authorisation System. From mid 2025, the European Commission plans to launch a US style electronic travel authorisation system (ETIAS). It was first announced in 2016 by the European Commission. Although negotiations are ongoing, it’s important to note that an ETIAS is not a visa. It’s a visa-waiver. The … Read more

Holiday Memories Competition – The Winner(s)

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How many happy holiday memories do you have? Enjoying – and remembering – holiday memories is important to all of us. At Free Spirit, we believe that travel transports us away to special places – to create memories with friends and family. At the beginning of summer, we launched a competition. We invited you to … Read more

The Top 9 Solo Holidays to Embrace Solo Travel

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Solo holidays have grown in popularity this year. In fact, some operators have seen over 50% of tour bookings from solo travellers. Will you be one of them in the new year? Life is short but the world is open! Although the assumption is that most solo travellers are youngsters, the average age of a … Read more

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