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Travel Insurance UK – Don’t Leave it to Chance.

With a Free Spirit Annual Multi-trip policy in place, you are covered not only in your region of choice but in the UK too. In fact, with up to £10,000 specific cover in place for UK trips and holidays, Free Spirit is amongst the best travel insurance for UK trips. UK holiday insurance is also available for specific dates by taking out a single trip policy.

As well as common important features that you need from travel insurance when taking a trip in the UK, Free Spirit covers you for some of the things that may not immediately spring to mind, but can still become very expensive should the need arise.

All Free Spirit Travel Insurance policies include Coronavirus cover as standard.

Free Spirit UK Travel Insurance

Free Spirit UK Travel Insurance

It is vital to secure travel insurance – UK trips included. We have listed some of the reasons we believe Free Spirit UK travel insurance is the best on the market below.

Cancellation cover

As soon as you booked a trip, you will be covered by your Free Spirit UK holiday insurance. In the event of having to cancel a holiday or trip, up to £5,000 can be claimed back on a Super Duper policy, and £2,500 on a Super policy. This becomes important in situations where your health is affected due to a medical condition. Free Spirit can cover the majority of conditions, unlike most policies.

Medical travel insurance UK

Medical may not seem like as big an issue when you are not travelling overseas. However, it is a sad fact that illnesses and injuries occur while we are away – even close to home. Remaining within the UK means the NHS is still accessible, so medical expenses cover is not important. However, if you are far from home, medical care can still cause inconvenience and indirect costs.

With Free Spirit UK travel insurance, you benefit from cover of £10,000 towards:

  • extra accommodation;
  • additional costs of returning home;
  • expenses for one person who either has to stay with you or travel with you to escort you home;
  • costs or charges of returning your car and personal belongings to your home if none of your party are able to drive;
  • costs of returning the body or remains of a deceased person home.

You will also be covered for aftercare at home if you have received in-patient treatment abroad, which can include:

  • home help;
  • cosmetic surgery;
  • dental treatment;
  • physiotherapy.

What’s more, you spend more than 5 days in hospital abroad as an in-patient, we will provide:

  • up to £750 towards the cost of a trip in your home country to help you convalesce.


If you need to cut short your trip, you will be covered for up to £5,000 towards:

  • loss of accommodation;
  • pre-paid excursions;
  • whichever is greater of:
    • your pre-booked return travel costs, or
    • the cost of your curtailment travel costs.

Other areas of cover

With a Free Spirit policy in place, you benefit from an expansive range of UK travel insurance. This includes cover for:

  • personal possessions;
  • loss of or damage to medical aids;
  • damage to or loss of prescribed medications;
  • loss or theft of personal money, passport or travel documents;
  • personal accident;
  • personal liability;
  • and much more.

Free Spirit UK Holiday Insurance

Why choose us for Travel Insurance in the UK

Free Spirit was the first travel insurance UK provider to cover medical conditions – we have now been insuring people with medical conditions and of any age for over 20 years. We know better than anyone just how important travel is to our customers, for many reasons. As well as how crucial it is to our customers that they have full peace of mind while travelling.

We make continuous developments to our cover to ensure it is best suited to travel, both in the UK and overseas. By listening to our customers and adapting our product we are confident we have the best medical travel insurance available in the UK. For example, we are one of the only insurers to cover loss or damage to medical aids and medical prescriptions. Something vitally important to our customers, something most other providers do not seem to even consider!

Annual Multi-trip Policies

If you plan to take more than one holiday this year a Free Spirit annual multi-trip policy is often the best value. Especially when you consider that it will cover any short breaks, long weekends, and spur-of-the-moment trips throughout the year. For example, are you invited to a wedding, christening, or graduation you need to travel to? If you plan to stay for two or more nights it is already covered by your Free Spirit AMT policy.

Find out why our customers agree that Free Spirit is the best travel insurance for UK trips – get a quote today.

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