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How does Free Spirit provide an empathetic service?

Empathy or being empathic can be a hard skill to master.  Especially when you’re in a challenging situation or listening to day-to-day challenges other people face. Our Free Spirit team listen to people each day, hearing the challenging medical conditions/disabilities they live with. Some treatable. Others a battle.

Whatever the medical condition or disability, our team are trained to understand and provide an empathetic service. Not just which policy will be most suitable.

If you know what artificial intelligence (AI) is or have messaged a ChatBot – for assistance – you’ll be aware that typing a question into a machine prompts it to return information. This service may be quick and responsive. However, like any machine – it doesn’t understand tone of voice. So, you’re not going to be met with the empathy you might want or expect.

With this in mind, we’d like to explain how our team of friendly humans deliver an empathetic service to each person they listen to. We’ve have spoken with some happy customers too, so we can understand how we come across at the other end of the phone!

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Deborah’s Story

Deborah and her husband enjoy browsing through holiday brochures and have booked many trips with their local travel agents. After being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) she was determined that she still wanted to travel.

At this time, Deborah needed the reassurance that a travel insurance policy existed to cover MND. As she went for further tests, the need for a holiday grew stronger. Soon they decided to venture to the warm Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

The problem Deborah had was finding an insurance company that would cover her for MND. From visiting the Motor Neurone Society website, a list of insurance companies (who are normally able to assist people with MND) was provided.

However a couple of the insurers could not give a decision over the phone. They both said they’d need one week to confirm if cover could be provided. Deborah couldn’t believe that they couldn’t give her an answer – one way or another.

Next, she called Free Spirit Travel Insurance and spoke to Customer Advisor Neil. During the call she was relieved to hear confirmation that cover could be provided for MND.

What made the conversation stand out and that an empathetic service was delivered?

Deborah felt like she was having a conversation with someone happy to talk to her. Not just someone who was there to ask questions from a script.

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A quote from Deborah

“I felt like I was having a conversation, not an interview… Neil was not frightened to have a chat. He seemed to understand what Motor Neurone Disease is…he was happy to talk – just what I needed. It was so nice to talk to someone… he took his time… and said don’t worry!”

It’s fair to say that Neil provided Deborah with the solution she was looking for and the reassurance she needed. Both Deborah and her husband enjoyed a well-deserved holiday. Thanks to Free Spirit Travel Insurance, which gave her the freedom to travel with confidence.

Deborah added: “Free Spirit came to the rescue and as we will be travelling to Japan in March 2024, I will be coming back to you to insure myself and my family.”

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Alan’s Story

Alan and his partner love cruise holidays. They’ve been on over 20! Each year they take out travel insurance to cover their medical conditions, which include breast cancer.

After being loyal to one provider for a couple of years they called back for a new quote. To Alan’s surprise, the cost had gone up. So, he asked a friend who runs a cancer support group. One member of his group recommended Free Spirit Travel Insurance.

After speaking to a member of the Free Spirit team Alan was happy to take out an Annual Multi-trip Policy. It was not only cheaper than his previous insurer, it would cover all three of his cruises that year. It was a “no brainer”! Alan also sensed that the team understood that everyone is different with a range of medical conditions that affect people in many ways.

Alan then had to call the Free Spirit team back to add his Granddaughter to the policy. He found the Free Spirit team very helpful and the change was made with a minimum of fuss.

Alan went on to say: “If the price is right, I’ll come back again”.

Freespirit empathic service review

Here are more reviews that illustrate our empathetic service…

five star review for empathetic service


empathetic five star review


Sue, Free Spirit’s Customer Service Supervisor explained further

” The training of staff at Free Spirit travel insurance call centre provides empathy involving several steps. First, they learn about the importance of empathy and its role in customer interactions.

We provide different scenarios to help them practice empathetic responses. They also receive guidance on active listening, using comforting language, and understanding customer emotions.

Real-life case studies and examples can be used to demonstrate effective empathy. Ongoing feedback and coaching refine their skills, fostering a culture of empathetic customer service.”

A Quote from Victoria, Free Spirit’s HR Administrator

“Empathy and understanding are what I always emphasize when talking to employment agencies about a position I want to fulfil.

We strive to employ people who will “listen” to our customers without interrupting them.

Another skill I always mention is… imagine yourself in their position.”

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