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Top Spanish holiday destinations for Sunshine

Many Spanish holiday destinations can provide us with a warm sunny holiday at any time of the year. If we decide to visit a Spanish holiday destination in the summer, we know that the temperatures will creep up to provide us with not just a sunny holiday. But a hot one!

However, this July Spain and other parts of Europe are facing a heatwave called “Charon” – named by Italian meteorologists. As Charon shows no signs of chilling out for the next two weeks, its best to keep up-to-date with severe weather warnings and updates by visiting the Spanish Meteorological Office (AEMET). Plus, the European Meteorological Services website.

If you’re looking to travel to Spain at any time of the year – here are our suggestions of where to visit. First, how about a visit to the capital, Madrid?



Spain’s capital provides an elegant location for a city break. It’s a big city with plenty to do during a short trip or a week-long break. Notable highlights include walking along the Gran Via, Madrid’s main tourist area. Here, you’ll find many shops, bars, and some wonderful restaurants.

You can also discover Madrid’s many museums and palaces, which showcase Spain’s rich history. These include the official residence of Spain’s royal family – the Palacio Real (Royal Palace). Take a tour of this opulent building to learn about Spanish culture.

Madrid benefits from many green spaces to explore too. The biggest is Casa de Campo which at 1,700 hectares is five times the size of New York’s Central Park. When you explore this large green space you’ll find a lovely lake with boats to rent, as well as a funfair and Madrid’s Zoo.

Another Spanish holiday destination referred to as Spain’s cosmopolitan capital is Barcelona…

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Spanish holiday destinations in central Spain


Barcelona is located on the west coast, about 150km from the French border. This coastal city enjoys fantastic weather throughout the year. A great option for some Easter sun in April, when the average temperature is a comfortable 19 degrees.

Throughout the year, you can enjoy a fantastic mix of both a beach and city holiday. While wandering around the city, admire Barcelona’s beautiful architecture and many sights. You can find yourself immersed for hours! One of the most breathtaking sights is the stunning La Sagrada Familia. This is a marvelous medieval cathedral, consecrated by the Pope in 2010. A world-famous sight, it attracts almost three million visitors each year! Also, in the centre, listen to a host of live music venues including the Gran Teatre del Liceu. This is a decorated, grand venue with gold leaf, plush red carpets, and ornate carvings.

When visiting Barcelona’s beach in summer, you’ll find the sea temperature comfortable enough to dip your toes in – thanks to an average temperature of 20 – 24 degrees. Plus, all of Barcelona’s beaches have EU Blue Flag status, which recognises their excellent water quality and facilities.

Another popular holiday destination for its city and beach holiday mix is Fuerteventura.

Spanish holiday destinations for city breaks


Fuerteventura is one of Spain’s Canary Islands. It’s also the largest and oldest Canary Island and is consistently warm. With temperatures that don’t go much lower than the mid-teens in winter, it’s a top location for some winter sun. Then in summer, you can experience sunny highs of 25 – 30 degrees.

The most popular town on the island is Corralejo, which offers a great mix of old and new Spain. Here, you’ll find traditional tapas to tuck into, cocktail bars for a light refreshment, as well as cheese mongers – perfect for a picnic on the beach. In recent years, Fuerteventura has been recogised as the best place in the world for cheese. Using traditional techniques, its ‘Majorero cheese’ is well known among prestigious chefs and gourmets. Why not treat yourself to a selection from the people of Fuerteventura -the ‘Majoreros’?

Fuerteventura’s coastline is great for a spot of sunbathing or for trying out some water sports, with kite surfing being one of the most popular activities.

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Majorca is the biggest Balearic Island. For some time, it’s consistently been a holiday favourite for many Brits. With an average temperature of 18 degrees and 31 degrees in the summer its the perfect place for a beach holiday.

Majorca has many soft sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Some of the best beaches to embrace the heat include the popular Alcudia beach. To cool off, head to the island’s pine-scented forests found in the town of Mancor de la Vall in the northwest. Near Mancor de la Vall are some prehistoric remains – the talaiots of Clot del Diners and the Montaura cave. This was where the Spanish used to hold burials and worshipped the bull. Today, you can experience Mancor de la Vall’s traditional open-air market.

For some modern retail therapy, visit Palma to explore Majorca’s main shopping area. The place to be is Avinguda de Jaume III, where you can discover a mix of high street and designer brands.

Spanish holiday destinations off of eastern Spain


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