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How Free Spirit’s Call Centre Differs from Others

Call centres operate to provide telecommunications or a service, such as receiving incoming calls or offering support and advice. Each call centre will differ depending on its industry, purpose, and responsibility. At the same time, each member of the call centre team is responsible for communicating effectively with people to provide a high level of customer service.

All call centres are evolving, using new technology to increase efficiency. At Free Spirit, we continue to ensure that each interaction with our customers counts. Our aim is not just to deliver a great customer experience but also to make meaningful connections.

We do so by focusing on being a caring and compassionate team. This helps us to stand out as a travel insurance provider. Let’s look into more detail about what makes our call centre stand out…

Our call centre team doesn’t clock watch.

Unlike many call centres, there’s no set time limit for our calls. This means all parties can take their time and all information can be exchanged comfortably during the call. Most agents in call centres are required to hit time targets each time a call is answered. Our team doesn’t have these targets so they can focus on being as helpful as possible.

By having more time to understand a range of sensitive medical conditions and disabilities, they can better appreciate each caller’s needs and requirements. This helps them identify which travel insurance policy will be most suitable.

call centre team mate

We’re humans who work in a relaxed environment.

As our call centre team are less pushed to hit targets, they’re more relaxed and this allows them to provide a professional yet empathetic service. We aim to put our customers at ease straight away. They’re instantly reassured that they’re buying a policy from a trusted team who are focused on giving them the freedom to travel with confidence.

Furthermore, our team is situated within the unique and beautiful grounds of Stansted House. This again helps them relax after arriving each morning to deliver a high standard of customer service throughout their day.

As a result, customers remain loyal to us, and charities do too.

where the free spirit call centre team work

A quote from Stephen

“I’m paying for peace of mind because I know it’s an easy process… I also had to make a claim in 2015 because my father died, and we needed to cancel the trip. However, it was an easy and helpful process.

That’s why I’d recommend Free Spirit to a good friend because getting a quote and applying for a claim is easy to do. All the people are very helpful and friendly, and the questions are asked in a professional manner… I appreciate the medical questionnaire and know what to expect now – familiarity.

I know Free Spirit and P J Hayman offer excellent service and have not looked anywhere else”.

We have a knowledgeable and accomplished team.

Our call centre team are provided with ongoing training from senior staff members (some have been with the company for over 10, 20, even 30 years). They are all passionate about providing people with suitable travel insurance to enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

Together, they’re a team of experienced travel insurance specialists, who continue to grow their knowledge of many medical conditions and disabilities, from common illnesses such as Asthma to rare or serious medical conditions like Haemophilia.

We have a diverse close-knit team.

Our team spans different age groups. However, this allows us to learn from one another to gain fresh perspectives daily. As a team, we aim to understand our customer’s wants/needs by putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes.

free spirit call centre team photo

We’re responsible travel insurance specialists.

Unlike other businesses that may say that they’re available to assist with each aspect of insurance, we are who we say we are. We’re a team of travel insurance specialists who go the extra mile to source suitable travel insurance for any individual. Whatever their age, medical condition and/or disability.

customer quote about call centre team

A quote from our customer services manager

At our Customer Service Centre, we prioritise meaningful connections over clock-watching. No set time limits per call mean our agents and callers can engage in unhurried conversations. This is especially crucial when navigating through extensive and sensitive medical conditions.

The absence of stringent targets leads to a relaxed atmosphere, allowing our call handlers to provide a caring and empathetic service, instilling confidence in travellers. Our close-knit team, along with our relaxed atmosphere, further enhances the customer experience with a highly trained and experienced staff. This includes management taking a pragmatic approach to rare conditions, meaning we stand as true specialists.

Our diverse team spans different age groups, ensuring a wealth of experience, putting us in the customer’s shoes with understanding and empathy.

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If you live with a medical condition and/or disability and are seeking travel insurance to go on your next trip, contact our close-knit call centre team. They’ll listen, provide advice and you’ll receive an empathetic service.

Or, if we’ve helped you to travel with confidence, and you were happy with our service, please leave us a review on Trustpilot.

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