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Defaqto Star Ratings

Our ‘Super Duper’ level of cover gives you 5 Star rated protection.

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Free Spirit ‘Super Duper’ level of cover has been awarded a 5 Star Rating from Defaqto for both Single Trip and Annual Multi-trip travel insurance.

We are delighted with this rating as it recognises the wide-ranging cover we offer and, most importantly for our customers, the reassurance that they are buying one of the highest quality offerings in the market.

As we all know, buying the cheapest is not always best, and when it comes to travel insurance if you go for a cheap policy it could be an expensive mistake, especially if you find you are not covered when you come to make a claim.

For peace of mind travel, make sure that your holiday insurance covers you correctly and that it meets your needs.

Click here for a summary of Free Spirit’s levels of cover.

The short video below explains a little more about why a Defaqto 5 Star Rating is so important.

Who are Defaqto?

Defaqto is an independent financial information business who specialise in collecting, researching and sharing financial product information.

Since 1994 they have built a comprehensive, whole of market, financial product information database and become one of the leading providers of financial product information in the UK

Defaqto rate nearly 41,000 products in the General Insurance, Banking, Protection and Wealth sector, including over 2,700 home, motor and travel insurance policies and over 380 current accounts and credit card products.

Defaqto are trusted by more than 250 brands from 200 companies across the financial services industry who use their Ratings and they also appear on the largest price comparison websites.


What is a Defaqto Star Rating?

Star Ratings assess the quality and comprehensiveness of the features and benefits financial products such as insurance and protection policies, current accounts, credit cards and investment products offer.

To help consumers see at a glance where a product sits in the market, Star Ratings give each a rating of 1 to 5.

Defaqto independently rates products across more than 60 categories.

“At Defaqto we believe that consumers should base their financial decisions on more than just the price of financial products. People should think about what they need and then buy a product that meets their requirements. It can have serious consequences when, for example, you take out an insurance policy and find that you’re not covered when you’re in an emergency.”

“Star Ratings help consumers see, at a glance, where a product sits in the market based on the comprehensiveness of features and benefits offered. For each product or insurance policy we assess between 40 and 100 features or benefits as well as the terms and conditions.”

For Free Spirit, it means we can be confident that our travel insurance offers some of the most wide-ranging level of features and benefits on the market.

Find out more at Defaqto Star Ratings.

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